Mar 16, 2010

Holy Crap!

I never thought a human being could endure as much pain as I have over the past few days. Being on a daily extreme roller coaster sucks really bad. I can't plan anything, everything has to be spur of the moment. Friday I felt pretty good, was able to do some stuff around the house and make phone calls to people I needed too. Saturday morning I woke up at like 0430 in throbbing bone pain in my lower body. I don't know how to even explain it. My family was getting in at 9:30 that night and I wanted to go and pick them up with my roommate. I doped myself up that day and off we went to the airport. By the time they got in the truck I was in so much pain I had to get into a zone and just concentrate mentally. Told everyone to leave me alone and I did what I could. By the end of the ride we were getting off the highway to go to the ER not home. Had a horrible experience at the hospital that I don't even want to explain but after they gave me a ton of good meds and sent us on our way it was 645 in the morning. Yah like 8 hrs in the "ER".
Since then I've just been staying a bit doped up so I don't have to go thorough pain like that again. I've been sleeping way more than I want to and just trying to walk little steps here and there because my belly is swelling again. Oh and that tumor on my leg has gotten massive! So big it's starting to bother me. I know once I get a few more chemo treatments in me it will start to shrink so for now just trying to deal with it. Tomorrow we head down for my next treatment speaking of which. I'm just ready to start feeling better. I can't stand this anymore. I'm ready for my organs to be operating on a normal basis. Well I'm kind of nodding off so I'll let you guys go and I'll try to update once I get my second dose of "hazardous materials" run through every part of my body.

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