Mar 4, 2010


I kind of got a wake up call today from my friend wondering why I'm slacking on my blog. Sorry! It's really hard to keep up with the simplest things when I don't feel well. I just want to lay down all the time. Oh, I know this is totally off the wall but it's something I need to tell you guys about. I've started watching the travel channel a lot lately and love it because of all the different interesting things they show including.........the food:) I was watching this show called "101 Chowdown Countdown" , basically they traveled to 101 different places in the US with the best/odd different types of food. Let me tell you, some really good stuff that I wish I could just travel to all these places to try, but one really caught my attention that I'm tempted to make myself. It's a cheeseburger and the bun is a Krispy Kreme doughnut. No crap, not kidding people and they put the doughnut on the grill with the burger so the juices soak in. Sounds like it would satisfy every craving. Think about a protein style In-n-Out burger with that! I'm so going to do it on my cheat day. HA!
Ok I'll get off the food. So UCLA canceled my appointment I was supposed to have yesterday because they don't have a copy of my baseline scans. Figures. Remember how unorganized they were before, this doesn't surprise me. They had to call SD and get a copy so they have something to compare my new scans to. I go on Monday now along with seeing a derm while I'm there. Then Wed I have to be back in SD for my VA appointment. Another busy week so trying to get rested because I don't want to run myself down again.
I really wish I could be back in the gym again. I really miss the people and the atmosphere. Colin went up to Canada 2 weeks ago to start in the OPT process of getting certified and it looks like OPT once again has done something amazing for the Crossfit community. He is a genius and it looks like he is putting out some real valuable knowledge. So from what I can tell, people if you get a chance, DO IT. Here is Colin's take on it:
I'll post one extra too:

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