Nov 30, 2009

29/42; 10/52

Well I got the confirmation today that I am in fact Stage 4 Melanoma. My biopsy was positive for Melanoma but guess what......the military screwed up again. They screwed up so bad that I have to go and get another biopsy done. Great, I mean I had such an awesome experience getting stabbed the last time that I want to do it again! Yay! I called my doc around 2 today since he didn't call me and I asked him what's going on. Long story short he tells me that 90% of what they took was healthy liver tissue and only 10% was abnormal. 90%! Are you kidding me?! I literally wanted to take my combat boot and shove it through a wall at this point. How much more of a ratard can you be? It's your job day in and day out to do operations like these and you mess up by 90%? Wow I don't know about everyone else but for me one of two things would happen: 1. I'D KILL SOMEONE (I work with high voltage), or 2. I'D GET FIRED! So anyways I should be in this week to get another one even though I'm still sore from the last. Oh and I definitely asked to get sent out on town. No more military.

The woman is this video is Cyndi. She is one of the females I competed with at the Games. I just wanted to show everyone how impressive this is. To see a crossfit woman that isn't like 185lbs+ lift 375 is amazing! Let alone any crossfit woman. She is my inspiration to lift more.
Another bummer thing that happened today is my leg is really bothering me I think I'm going to probably just take the rest of this week off. It's very swollen. I was trying to think what I did but I don't know because it was hurting Sunday morning before I worked out and I didn't work out Sat. Oh well on to my WOD:

A1. Snatch Deadlift 41x1; 4-6 x 5; rest 120sec b/t sets
A2. Bar Dips 30x2; 4-6 x 5; rest 120sec b/t sets(add weight if complete 6)
B1. AMRAP Knees to Elbows x 3; rest 120sec b/t sets
B2. AMRAP Push-ups x 3; rest 120sec b/t sets

A1. 95, 125, 150, 165, 185
A2. BW, 5, 10, 15, 20
B2. 26,DNF, DNF

I still had about another 15lbs on the deadlift but didn't want to push to hard with the leg. The bar dips I wished I would of done 25lbs but happy with 20. The knees to elbows I couldn't do because it hurts to lift my leg and the push-ups hurt as well by putting pressure on it. Hopefully I can make all this up next week. :) :0 :)>

Nov 29, 2009


Today has been a good day for me. I went to bed early last night so had plenty of energy this morning to go to the gym. Colin didn't plan this week out yet so I made sure it was fine if I did the OPT WOD today because every chance I get I want to work my lungs. Well I definitely lost them so hopefully Colin will give me a good metcon once or twice a week. After the gym my next big event was church. The pastor had an awesome message today. I was so glued into what he was saying I don't know if I even blinked or took a breath. Church always rejuvenates me for the tear down that I receive during the week.

Here is my WOD:

Power Snatch 65lbs


I am a bit disappointed with this time. I wanted to break 6 minutes but my lungs have lost some of their power because I've been doing nothing but strength and form work which is good but a bummer because my lungs were the hardest thing for me to work up as an athlete. I will be back though. I looked at the comments and I still beat all the females closest one was about 20sec behind but it wasn't my goal. Did the burpees unbroken and only broke 12 and 9 on the snatch so not to bad.

Nov 28, 2009

27/42; 8/52

There's Huff and Jaala:)
Here is a good video of Blair. I worked out with Blair a couple times leading up to the Games. He's an awesome competitor and this WOD looks brutal. Plus I love how he did the video and the song he put in it:

Well today is a rest day for me.I'm going over to a friends' house in a bit for another Thanksgiving meal with a ton of people. Hope I'm up for it. Talked with the Nautropath Doc today and he gave me a bunch of things to look up, advice, and a couple other things to change or add into what I'm doing now. He told me not to have fear because so many people are beating cancer the way we are doing today and plus it will bring your immune system down. He also said everyone is battling cancer because you are either the star in the movie or you know someone in your life that will have to deal with it. 50% chance. 1 out of 2 people will have to deal with cancer in their life. Those are crappy odds. Hmmm so what about me? This is number 3 for me, guess I better be a cat because they got 9 lives. Hehe! Hope everyone has a beautiful Saturday.

Nov 27, 2009

26/42; 7/52

If children have the ability to ignore all odds

and percentages, then maybe we can all

learn from them. When you think about it,

what other choice is there but to hope? We

have two options, medically and emotionally:

give up, or Fight Like Hell.

Lance Armstrong

I found this quote today and it really fits what I'm going through so wanted to share the
awesome words of wisdom with everyone.
Well finally getting used to this diet. I feel like blah all the time but at least I'm in the swing of it. Hopefully it will make a difference. No doctors called today. Monday I should here about results from the biopsy and the Nautropath Doc is going to call me tomorrow morning. I will keep you posted.

I don't usually post videos like these but wanted to change things up a bit. The first one is a really drunk guy. I don't drink anymore and I think this is hilarious. I can't believe how drunk people get and they want to go buy more alcohol. Idiot. The second one is mostly for someone that does Crossfit. Sorry for the swearing, I don't like to hear it either. Here is my WOD:

Shoulder Press 83% 1RM 5,5,5,5,5; rest 180sec b/t sets
AMRAP 5 minutes rope climb

7 rope climbs 16ft

I felt defeated today doing those shoulder presses. I don't think I've ever failed that much but then again I think it might of just been to many reps. I tried though that's all I can do. Previous 1RM 120, 83% is 99.6, used 100lbs. The rope climbs got tough real quick. I wore the wrong shoes so I was sliding all over the place but still got 7 so happy with that. I'm so happy it's the weekend. Oh and I finally get my satellite set up tomorrow, yay!

Nov 26, 2009

25/42; 6/52

Yay! Happy Turkey Day:) I hope everyone stuffed their face. I actually took some time away from all the cancer stuff and spent it with some friends and we watched a movie after all the food. It a nice change of pace. Well OPT emailed me today and gave me his doctors email. I emailed him and we are going to talk tomorrow. Hopefully he can offer some good advice. His name is Jeoff. Here is another article from Steven:

Of course my favorite part of the day:

A. Power Clean 3,3,3,1,1,1 ; rest 180sec b/t sets
B1. Bar Dips 40x1 2-3 x 3; rest 90sec b/t sets
B2. Knees to Elbows 15 x 3; rest 90sec b/t sets
C. Deadlift 60% of 1RM 2 x 8; rest 45sec b/t sets

A. 95,110,125,135,145,150
B1. Rx'd
B2. Rx'd
C. Rx'd @ 170lbs

I notice my energy level is now gone. I know it's from the way I'm eating and that's fine because my life is more important than what I do in the gym. Just sucks to feel like blah all the time, I miss my crazy self. I attempted 155 on the power clean but the elbows were to slow and the hips didn't get open enough. The bar dips were easy and K2E sucked because my hands were chewed up from the Chest to bar yesterday so my hand ripped not a surprise, but all in all still easy because I could kip. Previous 1rm on the deadlift was 280 so 168 is 60%, of course I went up to 170. This part was for speed work. I felt towards the end I wanted to get lazy and let my back do the work (like I always do and end up injuring myself) but I made sure to just concentrate since Colin doesn't allow bouncing, it made it a bit easier to focus again. I'm excited for tomorrow, it's going to be tough.

Nov 25, 2009

24/42; 5/52

I love the gym! Sometimes I wish I could marry it. It never argues with me, makes me feel good, lets me take all my anger out on it, pushes me to try harder, and makes the sexiest human beings alive. Who wouldn't want to! Here's a good main site video and a post from Colin's blog:

I must say I totally agree with what Colin says here (even though I didn't attend), I tried to put what happened into words and he said it perfect. Colin was at the Black Box this past weekend and witnessed all the drama that Robb posted about. It's sad to see HQ coming to this.

Here is my WOD:

A1. High Bar Back Squat 40x2; 4-6 x 4; rest 120sec b/t sets
A2. Chest to bar pull-ups 15 x 4; rest 120sec b/t sets
B1. AMRAP Double Unders x 3; rest 90sec b/t sets
B2. Kettlebell Swings 53lb ; 20 x 3; rest 90sec b/t sets
C. Hip Extensions 31x1; 10 x 4; rest 45sec b/t sets

A1. 80,95,105,115
A2. Completed
B1. 56, 37, 34
B2. Rx'd
C. Rx'd

For the back squat, it's the first day adding weight so Colin only wanted it easy to where I wasn't struggling on the up part. I said 115 and it was perfect. Any heavier and it would of been tension on the up. My Chest to bar suck for some reason. Might be because I was scared of going all out since I just had that biopsy. I don't know but definitely going to have to work on those. I'm very disappointed with my double unders. I haven't been able to focus for a few days so I guess this is ok. Kettlebell swings I wanted to do unbroken and I did and same with hip extensions.
I feel pretty good today. I've been sleeping a lot so I think it's helping a bit. Got in some of the meds I ordered and immediately took some (not a good idea before you workout felt like I was going to puke). I hope it starts to make a difference. Oh and one last thing, I want to say thanks to everyone without your high hopes and willing to put down what your doing to help me out I'd be a bum right now!
I was on my way back from the hospital yesterday and I felt like crap(no sleep) so I texted my roommie and asked if he'd bail on work for the rest of the day to go watch New Moon. He did and it was so worth it(for me). Brought my spirits up and he got out of work early so it benefited both of us. Thanks Tony!

Nov 24, 2009

Mess Up

Posted about my row WOD the other day it was 1187m not 1087m. Guess that's what you get for trying to do math when your out of breath! I'm real happy with this. This was an OPT wod and I beat all the women that posted and even some of the men:) I love to crush those egos even when your just coming back to.

23/42; 4/52

Another rest day. I guess I'll have to get used to these because I'm sure I'm going to be taking a lot once I start treatments. I'm already getting tired of veges all the time. I used to eat nothing but fruit about 5 months ago because I love it, and now having to cut it out is such a bummer. At least before I had a cheat day once or twice a week to look forward to. Now I got another 48 days. I know though even if I had the opportunity to shove that doughnut, reese's pieces, pizza, or some other type of cancer feeding frenzy down my throat I wouldn't do it because I'm not going to give them the satisfaction of staying alive in me. Yuck! I watched a video on NOVA of different stages of cancer and what the melanoma tumors look like. Talk about wanting to literally rip something out of your body because it's gross. Reminds me of some weird bug you've never seen before that lands on you, your first reaction is "ewwww" and you instantly get it off. That's what this thing looks like and how I feel but I can't do anything about it but try to kill it with food and supplements. I get so mad every time I think about it. Here I'll post the link. Mine starts at video 1 and goes down to video 6. I'm also going to post about Robbs' article today. He told me about this but I figured it was only a matter of time before he wrote about it.

When I checked this morning he had 29 comments.....he now has 229 and it's only been a day. Personally, Robb changed my life and has the education to back him up. I would never doubt his judgement when it comes to nutrition. He's no idiot and I hope he sets his own nutrition program up because it will be awesome and it might actually be accredited:)

22/42; 3/52

Sorry I didn't write yesterday, getting stabbed in the liver 5 times kind of caused me to not really feel up to it so I'll post twice today. I really hate military hospitals. I swear all these people are idiots. I feel like I have the worst care when I'm admitted to one of these places but at least I'm used to it. At least civilians don't have to go through being a guinea pig for doctors that are "in training". I had one come in this morning and asked how my pain was. I told her it was fine and she goes on to ask ok, so you've been controlling it with the drip? I looked at her like she was from another planet. For one she woke me up at the crack of dawn(when they come wake you every 4 hrs anyways to take your vitals and temperature), then she didn't even take 1 sec to look at the name on the door that says "Miller", and last I'm not even hooked up to anything and have no IV of any kind even in my room. Seriously, these are the kind of the doctors the military puts in to take care of our men and women that are supposed to fight for this country, my dog could do a better job. Anyways, had to vent for a second because I just can't believe how ignorant some people are. HA!
Well all in all the biopsy went well. They had a CT scanner and ultrasound hooked up to make sure they stabbed me in the right spot (thank goodness). It was a bit horrible. First they numbed the outside skin and then stuck me to numb the outside of the liver. No big deal right. Well, they didn't put me out and only gave me a tiny bit of drugs because I had to be coherent enough to breathe and hold my breath as they stuck needles in to grab tissue. Talk about a bit painful. Probably could of been on no meds at all and it would of felt the same. Needless to say I was a bit sore and starving. They didn't let me eat until like 1900 at night. Talk about a grumpy crossfitter that is denied food. Oh man was I a complainer. They eventually let me eat so I stuffed my face. Probably wasn't good idea because my stomach was hurting for about 2 hrs after. Well off to another day of interesting journey at the hospital and my drive home:)

Nov 22, 2009


I woke up this morning and decided to do a good WOD:

Sprint Row 30sec-100%max effort
rest 2:30min x 7sets
For Total Distance


I think I was supposed to do 8 but to late now. I did 7 and I am very satisfied with the results. First time back hard on a rower with 2 feet and my butt was on fire by the end. Felt good to breath hard again.

Colin emailed me this morning to tell me he talked with Robb and they figured out a new plan for training me with everything going on. I'm interested to see what that is. Robb also emailed me and said he sat down with OPT to talk about my situation. They discussed options as far as training, nutrition, and getting some type of care outside these medical doctors that love to take their sweet time with everything(especially when it's holiday season). OPT knows a naturopath that he offered to let me talk to for a few sessions. I sat here and read his email and started to cry again for joy this time because I can't believe that no matter how competitive our community is we are all brothers and sisters. We are here to help each other until the end. I'm finally experiencing this and I hope I can one day help the lives of others as these gentlemen have for me.
On another note, I know this is probably lame but I got to stay positive and sometimes it requires you to be a little loopy and talk to yourself, HA. I was eating my breakfast this morning and I was happy as I chowed down Paleo pancakes soaked in coconut oil, eggs with coconut milk, and broccoli and I said "Cancer, your going to die."

Nov 21, 2009

20/42; 1/52

I had a rest day today which was well needed after the week I had. I slept for like 10hrs, got up and read, made breakfast, went and got a massage, grocery shopping, lunch, then a nap(again well needed) then went out with my CFV family over at the Majors'. I really wish I had energy. I started the new way of eating today and it's kicking my butt but I know I have to do it. Looking into other supplements as well to see what I can find. Off to another day....hopefully I got time to take the dogs to the beach:)

Nov 20, 2009

Another Day

I hate this up and down emotions I keep getting. This is so stressful and taxing on me. I wish I could just convince myself I'm fine so my body is extremely healthy to fight this cancer off hard. I decided to up my fish oil to 12.5 grams/day and vitamin C up to 2500mg/day. I'm leaving Vitamin D where it is because this I have already played with and 5,000IU/day is enough for me. This is what I have on hand right now that I can change. I'm still looking into other stuff and will hopefully be stocked come Wed to really hit it hard. I put on order a supplement of medium chain triglycerides to help with my fat intake. These don't take as long to absorb as long chain and they absorb differently too. They will give me energy I need especially if I start to have some digestive problems. I'm truly scared of what will happen but like they say "It's either you or them". I will put every last effort I have to make sure it's not me. On to my favorite part of the day my WOD:

Max rounds in 20 min:
5 Squats
10 Push-ups
15 Pull-ups


I wished I could of gotten 2 more but my hands were starting to get tore up from all the pull-ups so I started just doing singles. It wasted a ton of time but it saved my hands from looking like hamburger meat. Plus, it's the most pull-ups I've ever done in a WOD. For those of you that didn't notice it's Cindy with the squats and pull-ups reversed because of my leg.......and guess's genius. It's way harder and you still get an awesome workout from it.
Work had a Thanksgiving potluck tonight. It was very nice to have a big family dinner. It was much needed. Even though my roommate and I showed up late thanks to him there was still a lot of good food and desserts (to bad I couldn't have any).

Nov 19, 2009


I'm still very mentally drained from the horrible news I got yesterday and it's finally starting to sink in that it's a reality. It's also starting to give me motivation because this is not what I want to die from. I know my odds are horrible right now considering this is the 3rd time I've had it and now I'm considered Stage 4 but who cares I've always had to bust my butt to accomplish anything successful in my life and I wouldn't expect this to be any different. I'm extremely grateful for all my supporters because without all of you I would be in the dump right now. I have come to many tears of joy today hearing all the support and just a hug that says I'm here is all I can ask for.
On to my WOD:

A. Deadlift-5,5,5 rest 240sec b/t sets(only pr 5-10lbs from 2 weeks ago then stop; overhand grip as long as possible)
B. Shoulder Press 60% 1RM 2x8sets; rest 30sec b/t sets
C. Max 30 unbroken double unders in 5 minutes

A. 205,215,225
B. Rx'd 75lbs
C. 6 sets

I felt horrible starting off today so decided to throw on my iPod and blast some Hatebreed to get me up from my slump. I don't know if I was mad at this cancer or if my deadlift has improved but I was extremely happy with the results today. No bouncing on the deads. I did this for the first time 2 weeks ago and struggled horribly with 215 with alternate grip. I ripped 225 overhand like I was going to hurt someone. Oh man, Colin let me do a 1RM before I start to head downhill I want that 300. I feel like I'm there. The shoulder press was fine. Supposed to use 72 so just went up and the DU were hard to focus but I got through it.
One last thing(I know this is long) I've decided to really tweek my diet this time and no cheating on anything. I will help to reverse this process in my body. I'm still going to stay Paleo but I'm going to eat 70%fat,20% protein, 10% carbs(all veges) NO FRUIT AT ALL. The only thing I will allow is fresh strawberries and it's going to be rare. I'm starting this Saturday and going for 52days. Should be getting more scans by then. Interested to see how they turn out.

17/42 Horrible Rest Day

Sorry I didn't post yesterday so hopefully I will do 2 today. I went down to UCLA to start my clinical trial. I've been happy and excited to think I'm getting better when in reality I was getting worse. A LOT WORSE! I had to get MRI and CT scans done again so they could have up to date scans for the trial. We were all in shock! 2 months ago I had just the one area in my leg that wasn't good so they did the surgery and I was good to go. Now, I have masses all over my body. 2 months. That's it. I now have 10-12 nodules in my liver (pretty much the whole thing) and numerous nodules in both lungs(all over the place). I sat and looked at my doctor in shock and just started crying all over the place.
Before yesterday life was starting to look good, I felt good, I had tons of options, and I was going to be a survivor of cancer. Yesterday I started the battle of my life praying to God that I will have one option and by a miracle it will save my life. It's so hard to tell everyone you love that you are now at risk to not be here soon let alone trying to believe it yourself.
I'm doing a ton of research on the biology of Melanoma and I got others that are going to help as well. Hopefully there is a breakthrough for me. Considering Melanoma doesn't have a cure yet all I can do is pray.
Monday I once again head back down to San Diego to get a liver biopsy so they can test the genetic make-up of the nodule(it would be awesome if they mixed my test up with someone else!) and hopefully give me some good options for a clinical trial. Stay classy San Diego!

Nov 17, 2009


I finally got back from San Diego today and hopefully I don't have to go back down there for awhile because it wears you down. I do have to drive back down to UCLA early tomorrow but hopefully I'll be back a little early to relax and get some things done that I haven't been able to get done.

I've been meaning to add this as a link on my blog but keep forgetting. This is the official Paleo Diet blog. It's still very new (like mine) but already a bunch of great info and Q & A's.

My leg was sore today from yesterday....not my Quad either but the actual ligament where they sewed the muscle on. Definitely not doing that for awhile. I was excited about today but soon realized it was going to be just as hard as yesterday. Doing the amrap of dips between the snatches really killed me to pull normal. I was very unsatisfied with how I did at first but then thought about it and haven't done anything heavy from the floor in 2 months and with the holds I was fried from the first part. I kept wishing for 3 minutes rests too, 2 minutes wasn't enough but there is reasoning behind it.Thanks Colin....I enjoy the suck.

A1. Power Snatch 2,2,2,2,2 rest 120 sec b/t sets
A2. Ring Dips 21x0; amrap x 5; rest 120 sec b/t sets
B1. Snatch Overhead Hold 95lbs x 3 sets for max time; rest 120sec b/t sets
B2. Ring Support Hold 3 sets for max time; rest 120sec b/t sets
C. Walking Lunges 1010; 20r 20l x 3 sets; alternate each leg; rest as needed

A1. 80,95,105,115,120F
A2. 8,5,5,5,4
B1. 63,53,62
B2. 46,44,47
C. rx'd rested only 1min b/t sets

I have this problem with my butt always coming up early, this is why I couldn't get 120 and why my deadlift sucks too. 115 felt strong and pretty sure I can get 125 for 2 if my butt stays down. Previous PR 1RM was 135, so 2 at 115 not bad. On the ring dips the tempo is hard and thought I was being slick by kipping (1st set) then Colin (always ruins it for me when I try to make it easy...ha! I honestly don't mind) told me "No Kipping". Last 4 sets were no leg movement. Made a huge difference. The holds were insane after A1 and A2. Wanted over a minute on everything but excited with how close it all was. The walking lunges felt fine on my leg so we will see in a couple days. Rest Day tomorrow!!!!!!!!!

Nov 16, 2009


I finally got more time than about 12hrs in San Diego this time so I tried my best to see everyone I could. It was so awesome to see all my old friends. They put a huge smile on my face everytime. I got all my scans done and tomorrow I go pick up copies to bring home. Hopefully they look better than the last time.


5 Rounds:

15 GHD Sit-ups
15 Hip extensions
15 L Pull-ups

For Time.


This workout was probably one of the hardest I've ever done. I've never done L pull-ups in a WOD and they were extremely tough to get through. The first 5 were easy in each round but after that it just went to crap. The sit-ups and hip extensions by round 5 really started to hurt. I know I'm going to feel this one bad!

Nov 15, 2009


Had to drive down to San Diego today so no good info today. I'm getting an MRI and CT scans tomorrow, then back home, and back to UCLA after that. Here is my WOD:

A. Push Press 3,3,3 rest 4 min b/t sets
B. AMRAP 4 min Kettlebell swings 24/16kg
C. AMRAP 4 min Knees to Elbows

Score is A+B+C

105, 115, 130(2)

I was disappointed with my performance today. I know it's only because I'm still recovering from my horrible weekend of splurging out on food and crap. On the PP I'm sure I could of gotten 135 but couldn't focus and the bar kept coming away from my face. The bar was going up easy so maybe next time. On the AMRAP my goal was to focus on the KB swings. I didn't want to put it down for the whole 4 min. Almost made it. Made it to 3:35 before my grip just couldn't hold on anymore. Breathing was fine though. My grip was shot for the K2E so just did what I could. I will post more tomorrow:)

Nov 14, 2009

Rest Day 13/42

I love rest days. I'm actually sore today all over so rest is nice. I decided to take this weekend and go all out and do some bad cheats to see how it feels. Last night I went and ate a whole small thin crust pieces (6 pieces) and then went and ate a big thing of ice cream from Baskin Robbins that had crushed Oreo, marshmallow, hot fudge and whip cream on it, today I've eaten a quesadilla and let me tell you.....I don't think I can do anymore. I feel like death right now. Like I want to just rip my stomach out and get a new one. I was doing excellent on Paleo (for those of you that don't know what Paleo is here is a video: for weeks with cheats being sushi on Friday night and some fruit here and there(I've only been eating veggies). I'm amazed at the results. Oh and no drinking either. I decided that I wanted to do some testing to see how bad the American way of eating really is, sugar, gluten, dairy, all that crap. I will NEVER GO BACK! To feel the ups and downs from the high GI carbs is dreadful, always sleepy, don't feel like doing anything, lack of performance, and just feeling disgusting in general. I can't take it anymore, I'm going back to being healthy again and feeling awesome. America, you can continue to get fat, kill yourself with food, never be an elite athlete, and just suck at life in general.

Another amazing video! It goes to show how max effort training really does benefit power output. I wish I could do this WOD unbroken....Holy Crap! OPT is doing something right.

I went to the gym today to cheer on my fellow CFV guys (Colin and Matt) as they competed in the OPT Big Dawg Challenge #2. Amazing performances by both guys. I was glad to be there. Colin won the first time and from what I've seen today he might take this one too. We will soon know. If Colin doesn't qualify for the Games this year I will be very surprised. I hope the next OPT challenge I can do. Oh yah, why weren't any of the women doing it? Geez girls, next time I better see some of you CFV women doing it!

Tomorrow I take another trip down to San Diego to get more tests done. Stopping at UCLA on the way down to sign like 40 pages of paperwork and to get some blood work done. Yay so excited for that.

Nov 13, 2009


So Cute!

Set your goals based not on what you know you can do.
Set your goals based on what you're most passionate about.
There are capabilities you have that you don't yet know you have.
Meaningful challenges will awaken those capabilities and get them working for you.-OPT

Brilliant! If you don't live by this you are an idiot.

First thing I want to say is I love Friday the 13th. It has always been a good day for me. Got that call from the doctor and I'm qualified for the clinical trial! Yay! Now I just got to pray that I'm part of the 2/3 of people that actually get the shots and not placebo pills. I found out at work today and all I wanted to do is run around and tell everyone because I was pretty much in tears but one of our generators got tipped upside down from some idiot transporting it that didn't check his load before he left, everyone was outside cleaning up the mess. It's going to be a busy week next week, driving back down to San Diego for a ton more tests but got to do what I have to.

The first one is another video that I think I have probably watched like 10 times now. It's a video of Crossfit women. I think it's amazing and very sexy seeing women out there wanting to lift more than just a pound. I hate when I see these skinny fat women that talk about going to do yoga or pilates that weigh 95lbs and look like they don't eat. It's disgusting! I would rather see women young and old trying to clean over a 100lbs or sweating their butts off to get that new PR on Fran. Shins bleeding from doing deadlifts and walking right over to the bar to pick it up and do another rep. Men.....these are real women. Get out of the way because we are coming through to crush some egos. On that note everyone keep trying their best and always setting new goals for yourself! Next is an article on deadlifts. I really suck at deadlifting so I read a lot of articles from Westside on it because they have the best so the coach obviously knows something about it. Good read.

On to my WOD:

3 rounds:

Run 200m
Max reps chest to bar pull-ups

Rest 3 minutes b/t rounds
For Time:
2-20 Unbroken Squats
20-2 Unbroken Push-ups

Time- 9:12

On the first WOD I decided to only go for 10 pull-ups on each round because I'm tired of my hands being all ripped up so I'm letting them heal. A bit of a bummer because everyone can get better at chest to bar pull-ups. The run I wanted to do 80-85% pre surgery pace. I was running about 40sec 200m and it was pulling on my leg so we will see how sore I get from it. On the second WOD: I HATE PUSH-UPS! For me being a pretty good athlete I suck at push-ups. I don't understand why I just do. The WOD said unbroken I think I only did the single numbers unbroken. I blame this on the military. If they would require us to do full ROM on PT tests I would kill these but they don't so I'm going to suck at life with these. Just got to work on them. Squats were fine, did all unbroken and worked on slow and consistent as well as for speed.

Nov 12, 2009


Had a long day so going to try and make this short. I didn't really post anything for Veterans' Day (shame on me because I am one). It's sad because most of us, including me, just pass this day along like it's nothing. Most of us worry about our day to day lives and getting stressed out over work, kids, or even spouses. Have you ever stopped to think what a military family has to go through in times of war? Or even just deploying on a regular basis? No one really understands unless you do it. I'm coming from experience and it's very difficult. I have wanted to give my life away to someone and they couldn't accept it because of what they would have to deal with being with someone in the military. All I ask for is for you to honestly turn around and tell someone in the military, "Thank you". That's it. Shake their hand and say thanks. It means a lot and I promise you that.
Well, found a good video that was a couple years ago but still is awesome and the POSE video.....sorry Colin took it off your's awesome! I've watched it like 4 times and it's a great tool to learn as well as getting you pumped for whatever:)

Thank you to all that have served, are serving or who I have served with!

First thing, I finally got a call from the doctor.....I find out tomorrow if I qualify for the clinical trial I'm trying to get into to.....cross your fingers. If so, next week will be very busy medically but at least the ball will be rolling so should be good. I will keep you posted.
Had a long day at work, well at least felt like it. Went to WOD and wasn't really feeling it but at least had some skill and strength work today. Here it is:

A. 3 position power clean 1.1.1 x 5; 180sec rest b/t sets (high hang, hang, power)
B. Deadlift 50% previous 1RM 2 x 10sets; 45 sec rest b/t sets
C. GHD Raises 10-12 x 3sets; rest 45 sec b/t sets

A. 80,95,115,135,140,145F
B. #140 completed as rx
C. did 12 x 3 completed as rx

The cleans I decided to just go until failure. The hangs felt very strong but was loosing that hip extension on the power cleans. I think I would of gotten 145 but the bar slipped right out of my hands. It was in a hook grip too. Oh well, it hurt so I stopped. The deadlifts were not bounced. It was as explosive as possible on each one. Previous PR was 280 so used 140....felt good. Last was GHD. I love this piece of equipment for some reason. It gives you so much suck every time you get on it that it makes me have a love/hate relationship with it.

Nov 11, 2009


I forgot my camera at work so couldn't upload any pictures, sorry. Here is a great article on stretching. A lot of people get their panties in a knot when it comes to stretching so hopefully this will clear things up a bit:

Today was an awesome Veterans' Day......I guess. I finally got all the main stuff in my house put away so I was pretty excited about that. My roommate and I busted our butts today doing it. We got a little more to do but there is no rush on the rest.
I woke up a bit tired today so hoping to make it up tonight. My leg feels great. Today is day 2 after the Tabata squats and I'm not sore. This is a really good sign. Here is my WOD:

1RM Shoulder Press
AMRAP- Muscle-ups
GHD Sit-ups 3x10 @ 2020; rest 60 sec b/t sets

GHD-did them all

I'm extremely happy with how I did today! On the shoulder press I was only 5 pounds off from my PR which is awesome considering I haven't done anything heavy going on 7 weeks now. I'm amazed with my muscle-ups. I did 30 MU for time only 3-4 weeks ago and it took me like 24-26min(can't quite remember) and today I got 20 in 7min with 3 missed attempts. As I got warm, I started to pick up speed doing about 3-4 a min by the end, so considering if I wouldn't of missed those 3, 23 muscle-ups in 7 min, even 20 muscle-ups, now puts me under 10min for the 30 muscle-ups for time (if I work my butt off). Very impressed! Now I got to work on stringing them together. Lastly, the GHD sit-ups, my leg felt fine on these and I was excited to get some ab work in. I'm sure I'll be sore in a few days! Hope everyone has a good evening :)

Nov 10, 2009

Rest Day

I decided to take a rest day today because I have off work tomorrow and would rather WOD on a day off then try and make it on a day that I do work. Today was great! I actually got to work in the yard today......mostly drilling concrete today but it was still nice to finally get my hands dirty again. My leg bothered me a bit today so I took a break whenever I needed it. I wasn't tired and came home to do more in the house. Tomorrow should be the last day. Yay!

Nov 9, 2009


Yep these two little ones are mine. Thought I'd have big dogs huh? Nope. You would fall in love with them too if you had them.

Not to much to say today because I had a long day. Drove back from San Diego, worked in my house to put more stuff away, went and did a WOD, cooked a bit of dinner, had to iron then shower......geez that's a lot. But had an awesome WOD:

Tabata Squats (slow and consistent)


"Flight Simulator"
5-50-5 (increments of 5)
unbroken double unders (if even 1 rep is missed on any set you have to start that set over)

Tabata-12 each round

The tabata felt great. I will have to wait a few days to see how sore my leg gets. The Flight Simulator is an OPT WOD and it is RIDICULOUS! I thought my arms were going to fall off. I missed 2 sets; 40 and 25 on the way down. When you miss it's very aggravating and gets you heated. You have to stop and refocus to be able to finish. I was trying to beat Colins' time of 11:55. I didn't but considering it was his second time I feel good about my time. Thank you Colin.

Nov 8, 2009


I've always seen pictures like this and have actually seen people do this but in almost 2 years I have never had my own hands look like this............that is until today.

Robb talked about this yesterday and I think it's an awesome piece of info for everyone.

Here is my WOD:

7 Rounds:

10 Kettlebell Swings 1pd
10 pull-ups

ear must show in front of arm for kbs
chin must break vertical plane of bar for every pull-up

Time- 9:14

I looked at this WOD for a bit today. I kept thinking, man this looks to easy. I knew it was going to hurt in some shape, way, or form. I wanted to use a 1.5pd KB, but considering today is my first day swinging a bell again and using my hips I decided to take it easy. It still kicked my butt though. I didn't pay attention to detail on this one either. Did my first round in about 25sec or so and thought I was going to smoke it then Colin walked over and wasn't counting my pull-ups, so I asked why and he said "you got to break the plane". I said "shit" because I knew now I couldn't butterfly and had to do regular kipping pull-ups. Great! I was doing good until about round 5 and my forearms started burning like they were on fire, by 6 I ripped and was screaming in my head how much I hated and loved Colin at the same time for putting my through all of this. Finished 6 and KBS on 7 and walked around for a second to stretch my forearms and all I hear is OMG! as I drip blood on the floor I walk over to the pull-up bar and crank out the last 10 because I know how much of a pain cleaning the floor is.....would rather clean a bar.
Today is going to be a good day. I'm driving down to San Diego in a few hours to go to a lovely appointment tomorrow at Oncology. At least I get to see a few of my friends while I'm there. YAY!

Nov 7, 2009

CF Nutrition Cert

This is Nicki Violetti and Robb Wolf. Awesome couple! They are owners of CF Norcal and have been a HUGE help on setting me in the right direction with my recovery, training, and anything else that might come up.

Robb is an NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, a USAW Olympic Weightlifting coach, and a certified CrossFit Coach.

Robb also has a BS in Biochemistry. He worked as a research biochemist for 5 years, which includes CV lipid metabolism research at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center as well as Paleolithic Diet research with Prof. Loren Cordain of Colorado State University and author of the book The Paleo Diet. He is also a review editor for the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism and co-publisher and editor-in-chief of The Performance Menu.

Nicki is hidden in the backround of the CF Nutrition Cert but has a huge part in the operation they have going on. Don't think things would run so smooth without her around. She has competed at the collegiate level in three different sports: volleyball, swimming, and track & field. Nicki is an NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, holds Level III CrossFit trainer, and USAW Level I Olympic Weightlifting Coach certifications.

In addition to Nicki’s fitness background, she has a BA in Economics and speaks Italian, Spanish and a fair amount of Russian. She is also co-publisher of The Performance Menu.

I had to talk about these two because besides Colin and Huff these are the other two that are making a big impact on my life right now and I couldn't be more thankful for it. I got a TON of great information today and want to look up a bunch of more things about it all.

No WOD today, no article, and felt good all day so no complaints.

Nov 6, 2009


Obviously this wasn't today because I'm not supposed to be squatting this much weight but I will be soon.

I'm going to try and not blab about the article I post everyday but sometimes I just can't help it. I want to let everyone know about supplementing BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acids) into what you're already doing now. I've researched a lot of supplements and this is one of three that I take daily. I started taking them about a month before surgery (didn't know I had cancer yet) and after surgery I doubled what I was taking due to the fact I needed the help for my recovery. Four weeks out of surgery and my PT said I had "average mobility". Today, I feel great and everyone I talk to is impressed by my recovery so far. It makes you wonder why doctors don't tell their patients about this kind of stuff. Every doctor I have seen that has asked about my medication always asks "What's BCAA?", then they don't ask why or say good job. WHAT IS GOING ON IN THE MEDICAL WORLD?! Anyways, I break up what I take but definitely try to take half before I WOD because it decreases muscle protein breakdown. I'm on about 6g/day because with how much protein I consume from meat,poultry, and eggs I'm receiving more than the "average".

On to my WOD:

8 rounds:

Walk 30sec
Run 30sec (metronome at 91)
10 Handstand negatives (as slow as possible to the floor)

I was a bit sore from the DL yesterday and Colin figured I would be so he programmed an active recovery day for me. Good thinking. It was still interesting because this was my first time running again in 6 weeks. It feels weird with my muscle in a new place but didn't hurt so that's a good sign. My mobility is still a bit restricted so mostly focused on POSE technique today. My leg is causing me to run like this anyways because heel striking(BAD!) causes to much force on the ligament where my muscle is attached to now.

Again I woke up today and felt like a zombie. It's friday so was in good spirits. Work let me off around 1 and I came home and busted my a@s in my house to start putting all my stuff away(received all my household goods this week). Got to a good stopping point around 5 and decided to go workout. I'll get some good sleep tonight:)

Nov 5, 2009


Here are the owners of CFVentura, Colin and Bill. I'm sure I will be mentioning them..........A LOT........ so wanted to let you see them!

Back in Jan I started to see some pretty good gains on everything including my deadlift. I went from 225 to 265 in a matter of almost a month. I was impressed. About a month after that I pulled 275 and my back along with it. I knew it was to late to heal with qualifiers in a month. So I worked through it, in pain on every workout where the muscles in my back were erected (which is pretty much everything). I qualified and decided to not touch a heavy deadlift until after the Games because I knew I would make it worse. I just made sure to pull 185 and sometimes 205 because those would be competing weight for the women. BIG MISTAKE! I figured deadlifts would come out in the Games, but was hoping it wouldn't be a max pull. I got lucky didn't I. Anyways, if your going to the Games you can't have more than 1 weakness or you can say goodbye to placing well. I knew I would beat the heavier women on the run and would pull in the middle on the deadlift. Not good enough there......
I decided something has to change after the Games. I was tired of having ridiculous weightlifting numbers and a deadlift that wasn't over 300 yet. I got introduced to Westside barbell. Since then I have read a ton of articles written from Lou Simmons (amazing powerlifter and owner of Westside). What they do is way different from what most Crossfitters even know about. It's very interesting to me and I have started implementing what I can(minus the chains and bands because a normal CF gym isn't set up for this) and wish I could do more. I came across this article written by Dave Tate (also an awesome powerlifter and owner at EliteFTS). It's about his first experience at Westside because he was getting bored with what he was doing. I was amazed at this and I'm going to buy one of these bars when I can collect some money.

OK. on to my WOD(workout of the day for those of you that don't know)

A1. Deadlift 5,5,5,5 rest 120sec
A2. Bar Dips 4-6x4; rest 120sec
B1. Pull-ups 31x1; 2-3x3 rest 90sec
B2. Ring Dips AMRAP x3 rest 90sec

Man this tempo work is ridiculous and I'm still trying to get used to it. I keep messing it up, but should be good to go real soon. On the DL I started at 185. Did the first set touch and go. Colin said "NO". I had to do one at a time...up,down, another breath then up. Holy crap this was way harder! Then did the bar dips. I did 5 reps and no kipping with it. Next I moved on to B1 &B2. Again I did the pull-ups wrong but was corrected quickly. Did dead hang on the pull-up and used a kip on the ring dips. Was fried b the time I got here.

DL- 185, 205, 205, 215
BD-5 on each set
PU-3 on each set
RD- 8, 12, 6

One last thing and I will shut up for today. I started back at work yesterday, only a half day and I was beat. Woke up today and felt like a zombie half of the day because I was so worn down. Hope work doesn't end up being to hard especially when I'm not even turning wrenches yet. Being in a new place really helps with the motivation and morale so we will see.

Nov 4, 2009


Picture on the left was 5 weeks ago. UGH! Pretty scary, I was worried it wouldn't look normal again. The picture on the right was taken yesterday. Awesome job Colonel! It's healing very well.

If you have some time please take a minute and read this article on Vitamin D. It was written by Steven Low. Steven is a former competitive gymnast who, in recent years, has been heavily involved in the gymnastics performance troupe, Gymkana. With his degree from the University of Maryland in Biochemistry, Steven has spent thousands of hours independently researching the scientific foundations of health, fitness and nutrition. Currently Steven is pursuing a doctorate of Physical Therapy which provides him with insights into practical care for common injuries. His training is varied and intense with a focus on sprinting, gymnastics and parkour. He currently resides in his home state of Maryland. I had the opportunity of meeting and talking with Steven and he is a very intelligent individual that is out there to help anyone that needs it.

My old roommate (Hi Emily! I miss you!) actually found this article and sent it to me when we found out I had Melanoma. Since then I have been taking 5,000IU/day of Vitamin D-3 (which was recommended by Robb Wolf, I will be talking about him very soon because he is an amazing help to the Crossfit community) and I feel great.

What does this mean for you? Vitamin D is very cheap compared to most pills out there on the market today (and half of what most of you take is worthless and you have no idea why your even taking them) so spend a couple dollars on something that will definitely make a difference in your life later on.

Nov 3, 2009


So Colin started my programming this week so I will put down both WODs I did:

Monday 091102

A1. Hang Power Snatch 3,3,3,1,1,1 rest 180 sec b/t sets

B1. Knees To Elbows 2020:10x4 rest 60 sec b/t

B2. Hip extensions 40X2: 15x4 rest 60 sec b/t

-Finally got to see what all this tempo work was about. Colin has taken over my programming and I think we got a good thing set up. We will see as time passes.

-Started with HPS. HORRIBLE. Was shooting for 115 today but my grip is shot from Sat WOD so only hit 110, but it was awesome considering I haven’t done any heavy lifting in 6 weeks.

-Next was the tempo movements, the B1 and B2 mean you do them alternating one after another until all the sets are completed. This was ridiculous. Haven’t done Hip extensions yet so was interested to see how I would do. The K2E were hard but got through it and the Hip extensions…..My butt was on fire! I haven’t felt that burn since the Games. Thanks Colin!



5 Rounds:

15 Pull-ups

20 Anchored Sit-ups

25 Double Unders

Rest 2 minutes b/t each round

For Total Time.

My grip is still weak today and my leg is still sore but this WOD was perfect. 15 pull-ups at a time were fine. Each round I didn’t break pull-ups or sit-ups and the rounds I broke Double unders ended up being right around 1:15 or so.

Rounds- 1:13,1:02,1:15,1:15,1:01


My story

I finally decided to start a blog. Other people kept telling me to make one so I could share with everyone what I am going through as well as knowledge and thoughts on everyday life. Hopefully it does some good.
I have been doing Crossfit for about 2 years come Feb. I competed in the 2009 Crossfit Games and came in 55th. Not the best I could of done but since then I have found the method behind all the madness. Since the Games I'm down 12lbs and 5% bodyfat so 138lbs and 17%.
Right after the Games (Aug 31st) I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Melanoma lymphatic cancer. September 24th I went in for surgery. They took a 8.5 x 2.3 x 3.0cm section out of my right groin, removing all the tissue and lymph nodes (mine was 16) out of that region. They also cut my Sartorius muscle off my hip and moved it over my Femoral artery and attached it to my inguinal ligament (the crease when you lift your leg) to protect it since there was nothing left to do that job anymore.
I'm currently about 6 weeks out of surgery and have started to get back into the gym hoping I'll be well enough to try and qualify come April or May(whenever Regionals will be). I'm still required to go through adjuvant therapy so depending on what that does to me will depend on whether or not I can make it. Regardless, I will be back for 2011.
I recently moved to Oxnard, CA and now have a new family at CFVentura, and very excited to start with everyone there. One of the owners, Colin Jenkins, is willing to help me recover and get me ready for the Games (haven't had a coach in 11 months so pretty excited) because I would end up hurting myself if I continued to do my own programming with my condition.
I'm excited to share my journey to recovery, and on the road to the 2010 CF Games.