Jan 7, 2010


So I see 48 out of 52 days means I'm almost done with my personal goal for my diet. But since I have prohibited foods for the first 25 days of the trial (and chocolate is included in that) I will be extending it out further. Which is upsetting but can only help me in the long run. My cheat is going to be AWESOME and it includes a lot of chocolate! I want to apologize for not keeping this up the past couple days but Monday I came down with a 102 fever and it went down but has made everyday life very difficult for me. I was supposed to WOD on Monday but with a fever like that it wasn't happening. On Tuesday I attempted, but only got through the squats and the rest I was extremely sore so did a lot of ball rolling (it hurt bad) and then yesterday was running around getting all my stuff ready for the hospital. Yes ladies and gentleman, I'm finally here. I got admitted last night to start the trial and it a huge stress off my chest. The ball is rolling and no one's mess up can stop it because there is a timeline for EVERYTHING! I get out tomorrow I think so hopefully I can make up my gym days and still stay on my schedule(don't worry Colin I don't let anyone down especially when it comes to being a fighter) I'm still working too so it makes me sleepy early. Being in the hospital now though I'm catching all of you up to speed:)

All good stuff today, first is a recipe, second is a really good article on intensity ad mentality before WODs, and the third is just another sad day for the CF world. I wonder why all the good people end up leaving early. I wish more good people were here to make the world a better place and rid of all the scum bags.
Hopefully I'm not to crazy on this, they fed me a bunch of crap a couple hours ago and I've been quite loopy and sluggish too so if I miss words or things just might not make sense just try to figure out what I'm saying. Ok the only working out I've done was Tuesday and it was:

Front Squat 5,5,5 rest 180sec b/t sets


I was still running a fever and not feeling well so this was the best I could put up and I feel it was good numbers. I had more strength and a short metcon left on this day but hoping to make this up real soon especially sense I'm not sore anymore. Thanks Colin as always! Have a great day everyone!

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