Jan 20, 2010

Taking to long

Meant to write yesterday but was pretty tired. I started back at work yesterday again and it takes so much out of me just to sit there. Guess I'm not keeping all of you interested if I can't update all the time. I wanted to go to the gym today because I've been feeling a bit better but need to hold it off until tomorrow to see how I feel.
I want to talk about something a bit different today besides my cancer. You probably guessed it already....Crossfit:) I do want to talk a little bit different about the subject though.
I started Crossfit about 2 years ago and I have learned SO much since then. I've become a new person because of it mostly for the better but some not too. As a coach, I've trained myself as well as earned certifications through Crossfit that has all taught me a lot. Since I haven't been able to physically and mentally work out I've noticed a ton of things that I didn't notice before. People get a new type of drive from the competitive world of Crossfit that to often puts blinders on to the rest of the world. They let it take over, control, and run their life. This is a horrible thing that I have seen happen not only to myself but close friends as well as coaches.
I decided to take my shot at training to go to the 2009 CF Games. I didn't understand the type of dedication it would take until later on. I started training hard in Jan and even harder come Feb when I no longer had a coach. I was a baby when it came to coaching and didn't even realize it. Doing trial and error in training with my friend Rudy, owner of CFAlexandria. I trained at 3 different gyms learning different styles of coaching, programming, and trying to become a better athlete myself. I read probably almost every article in the journal I could get my hand on that would help with anything. Subscribed to the performance menu and bought books from the famous Rip and Greg Everett. By May I was overtraining and all I ever thought about was Crossfit. It was like a disease. Any break I got in school I was on the computer looking at different WODs or texting Rudy on something to do with CF. Needless to say I got stomped when I went to the Games. I soon realized I had to give up the food in life that I had always loved in order to become "Elite", bread, pasta, cheese, milk, legumes, less fruit, and less sugar. I noticed I started having to spend more and more money on quality of life and CF stuff and never had anything left over to just go and "have a good time" or take a "mini vacation" without racking it on my credit cards. It's disgusting and exhausting but I did become what I dreamed of in a matter of 2 months. I lost 14lbs, 4% bf, became faster, stronger, and smarter. I was elite. I started blowing people out of the water and it made me feel good. No one really got to witness it besides Rudy and no one probably ever will because I don't ever want anything to ever consume my life like that again.
You can become very burnt out quick as an athlete and a coach if you allow this to happen. Crossfit becomes an addiction, no longer fun. It's almost like it becomes a chore to come into the gym everyday doing 1-4 WODs a day(yes I trained this much leading to the Games) and training your clients as well. Training for the Games is very taxing. I made it to the Games as a single competitor, my next goal is to go with a team just to say I did it. I know I'm not the only person that feels this way I just heard Tanya Wagner talk about it as well.
I want to live life again, save money, go on vacations and to just have fun doing and coaching Crossfit again. I want to eat what I want of course still staying within my standards. I'm not putting down CF either by no means and I don't want people to get a negative from this either because it did change my life for the better, forever. I know what it means to eat right and be the top 99% of being in the best shape of my life. As a coach, I've become very wise and really know how to get the most out of people performance wise. I know how to "push your buttons" as they would say and I still take the time to explain to you the why or how so you understand as well, oh and I know how to keep it fun.
If you want to train for
I hope you can take away some good info from this and even though for most of us that CF is your sport.....just don't make it your life. If you want to train for the Games do it. To be able to go is an honor and everyone should have the opportunity just don't let it consume everything you are and if it does happen to consume you, don't pass judgement on others because they eat different, aren't as fast or strong as you, or as smart as you because you aren't the best and you will eventually get stomped just as I did:) Enjoy the outside, your family, friends, money, and have fun because life is to short to have it consumed by one thing. I hope everyone has a good day, love you all!


  1. This is one of the best blog posts I have read in quite a while, I admire you for writing this and putting it all in perspective.

    You are absolutely correct, a lot of CFers take the training so seriously it consumes them and everything around them.

    Saying "take time to smell the roses" was never more appropriate then when reading this.

    I am going to link to this and I hope others read it and do some internal thinking so they can learn from it.

    Excellent, and thank you for writing a much-needed blog.

  2. Amanda,

    I completely agree with Jay. This was a great post and I admire you for having the courage to say what so many are thinking, myslef included.

    I hope you're doing well.

  3. Hi. Well written, and if it wasn't for Jay I would have totally missed it. I will also post it on our website for others to read via a link to yours.

    Enjoy life, we all deserve it. Nothing is worth getting consumed by it.

    Have a great time coaching and living. Have fun doing it, it's the best thing you can do. Teach, Learn. Then have those students one day become teachers because of your passion.


  4. Amanda, no matter if you never go to the Games as an individual ever again, you know you have a huge crowd that looks up to you and admires you as a very well accomplished athlete. I'd imagine that going as part of a team will have its own challenge. Every team member must be at his and her peak, and this is certainly a different method of training entirely. Well said and thanks for sharing!

  5. Amanda, this is a killer post. My husband posted it and I just read it and could not agree more. When I first started doing CF with Jay I quickly became obsessed thinking that CF was the only way I could become fit, strong and healthy. The more I started to train I soon realized that I will never be in the category of the ELITE Games Competitors. I found also that we were spending so much more money on eating the way that works best with training for ELITE status that most of our money was spent on food. I enjoy food way to much and as much as I eat clean and healthy I also LOVE my cheat days. I am now obsessed with being strong, being healthy and enjoying my cheat meals. Again, thank you for this blog post!

  6. Thank you all for the feedback it means a lot. I'm glad I could help with something and think I made it pretty clear. Have a good day!

  7. Amanda, you basically just took my thoughts and put them on paper. Fantastic post. I'm going through the same mental and emotional process right now. CF brought some great things into my life (mainly my SO) but it also consumed me and every aspect of my life. Life an happiness are about balance. There's nothing worse than being one dimensional.

    Congrats to you for your growth as a person!

  8. WOW! That was a great read. Katie told me that I had to read it and I'm glad I did. I feel the same way. Some people are so consumed in Crossift that they forget what life is all about.

  9. I agree, I think this can overwhelm you and too many people get caught up in it. There is life outside the garage gym door. Having a bowl of ice cream or taking a day off will not kill you. I try to keep a balance, most of my people will never be elite, maybe not even very good but they can kick the crap out of the lawyer in the office next to them and no other Mom at their bus stop can do a pull up :)

    Know who you are and just be the best you, that is all you can ask for!

    Good luck, just remember there is always that one patient that every doc says- WTF are they still doing here... My father was given 6 months at 37, lived to 60- 23 incredible years.

    See you at the Masters Events in 26 years :)