Jan 31, 2010

A week!

Man I can't believe it's been a week since I posted. A lot has happened so I'll try to sum most of it up. First, driving back and forth everyday to UCLA and not being able to sleep in really sucks, especially on the weekends. Well beginning of the week I was in the hospital for the final portion of testing. It sucked of course but tried to make the best of it. My side effects have calmed down and I have started to feel better. This is awesome news for me of course because I get really tired of laying around ALL the time. I miss me. Got out Wednesday and they sent me home with a prescription of Morphine. Really? Geez. I hate pain meds especially the ones that make me high as a kite. I didn't need them though until this weekend. Other than all of this I made confirmation with work and my doctor about getting out so the process has officially started. No turning back. I'm excited for the new chapter that is going to begin in my life soon. This is my calling, this is where I start to make positive changes in everyone's life that I can. I will get better and I'm going to help others anyway I can:)

Well the first one is a video from the affiliate challenge we had a couple weekends go. I heard it was awesome. Wished I could of went. Faith you did an awesome job and I love the slow down of the guy that was "to sexy". Classic. Oh and Ben, wholly crap you sound amazing! I didn't know we had someone in the gym that could belt out like that. The second is an article. Just an interesting read. Sucks people go through this that type of stuff for a sport they love. You would think people would reconsider but they don't until they are actually going through all the pain. I wonder if the money is that good? The last website talks about high fructose corn syrup, if you get bored you can search around.
Anyways, I've been feeling so good I decided I was going to go to the gym Saturday morning but once I woke up my liver was in excruciating pain. It was making a bubbly feeling every time I breathe in and out and it hurt....BAD. I couldn't stretch all the way up. Needless to say I had to pop a Morphine at like 7 in the morning as my friend drove me to UCLA. It helped but I was sleepy all day and it felt like someone had punched the crap out of my liver and it was just crazy sore all day. It happened again today but I tried to hold out on the pain meds thinking it would go away....nope it didn't. Now this is really going to drive me crazy. I'm well enough and feel good enough to go and do something I love and I can't because my liver hurts. I hope it's my tumors dying because I'll gladly go through this pain knowing that. It's been over a month since I was consistent in the gym and I miss it and the people so my goal is to get back when the pain goes away. Tomorrow I go back to work again:( not happy. I'm going to drop another leave chit for a couple weeks so I can stay home. I'm done coming in just to sit there.....pointless.

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