Jan 9, 2010

No more counting

My New Years' kisses! Thanks guys, I love you lots! I don't know where I'd be without all your support.
Also, Happy B-day sis! She turns 12 today.......I can't wait to see you.
I decided to stop counting days until I reach my goal for my diet because it has been stretched out until Feb 1 because the trial limits what I can eat too. One of those things is chocolate. My cheat was going to be a lot of chocolate. I figured I would just stop counting so it will come faster. Well everyone, I've officially started my downhill "temporary" slump. On Monday, I started having some pain in my abdomen where my liver is all the time. I have a hard time getting to sleep and I can no longer sleep on my right side or my back. I'm constantly tired, barely making it 5+ hours without an extreme nap needed. A couple days ago my abdomen got really swollen. It's so swollen it's pushing my belly button out, I can't fully stretch up, and I definitely can't tighten it to do any type of WODs. I talked to my doc about draining the fluid but he said it causes scarring and possible digestive problems and he don't want to do that since I'm being put on the study drug in 3 days. They've offered me pain pills but of course I refuse because I hate the way it makes me feel. I hope everyone keeps praying because I need it. I've talked with Robb and Colin about my nutrition and training and I think I'm going to have to make adjustment because I don't have the strength to keep up with the constant contact. I attempted to WOD today just to get something in but I think that is coming to a stop as well until my swelling goes down.

Here is what I did today and it was actually just the remainder from the front squats I did on Mon:

A1. Weighted Bar Dips 40x1; 4-6 x 3 rest 20 sec b/t sets
A2. Strict Toe to Bar 12 x 3; rest 2 minutes b/t sets
For time:
400m Run
25 KBS 53lbs
250m Row

A1. Just BW
A2. Rx
WOD- used 35lb KB; 5:44

HR-didn't take

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