Feb 11, 2010


Well another beautiful day down. Finally drove out to Simi Valley today to talk to my artist about my next tattoo. Pretty excited, it's going to be beautiful and have a ton of meaning too. I start it in 3 weeks so I'l post up pics once the project begins.

Today was supposed to be another workout day for me but I think I might be swelling again. Not a good thing AT ALL. I have been feeling a bit dehydrated and I've gained a few pounds. Not trying to jump to conclusions but we'll see. I have changed my diet a bit so that could be contributing to the weight gain as well. I woke from a nap and looked at my stomach and could see my ribcage on the left side but not the right so I know it's a bit swollen. Talked to my father about it and he said it could be from working out. We talked about different scenarios and it seems as though it could be one of them so decided to take another day off. I emailed my trial doc and my Naturopath to see what they think. My Naturopath doc emailed me back and said it could be causing my liver to work more but also said other things like what my father and I had discussed. He said there are some more things we can add to my regimen to help my liver so I said whatever we can do let's do it. I know I'm not straining my body at all but maybe just all the tightening and bending could be adding to the swelling. I will know for sure in a couple days:) I just want to feel normal again!

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