Feb 12, 2010

Probably not competing

Well my trial doc just said to not overdue it with training. I honestly don't think I could if I wanted to. At this moment the gym is not fun for me anyways I'm just making myself go because I know even the little I can do will help stimulate my immune system. It's extremely hard, depressing, and I don't even have full range of motion with my body yet because I am still swollen. I can't do kipping pull-ups, KBS, or anything that requires quick overextension of my midline. I had another mental breakdown tonight in the gym. To think I have officially been doing Crossfit for 2 years and it took less than 2 months to be set back worse than when I first came to start. I know, I know, I have cancer and was basically lying on my death bed last month it's just everything happened so quick that I didn't have time to blink before it was all gone. I'm still in shock over all of this, I still have my up and down moments, so to loose externally what I have worked so hard for can be devastating at times. I decided the best way to get through this is to throw away all my old pr's, WODs, and everything that was the old me because it's not me anymore and to start fresh. Everything I do from here on out will be new, like a new member at my gym. I'm going to train myself with having a severe midline internal injury only doing what my body can handle. Mentally I think I can do it, if not I'm going to drive myself crazy every time I walk in the gym and do anything. Like tonight, I walked up to the bar to Deadlift and could barely lift 185! This is 100lbs off my pr people. That's a lot for only a month and a half. Talk about wanting to throw my fist through a door and then rip it off it's hinges. Needless to say I probably won't even be attempting to go to Regionals because you got to be able to compete as Rx'd and right now I don't see that happening. So cheers to my new beginning (take a shot for me)!

I decided to post up some different videos today. These are my 2 favorite bands of all time. They have been for about 10 years now odd enough. I thought over the years this would change but I know now it never will. These guys are amazing! It's odd to like both but lyrically there is so much meaning in what they have to say. The things they talk about and the way they word it truly shows they are gifted bands. It would be my dream to see both bands together in concert one day. Cancer made me miss my one and only opportunity so far but I won't give up:)
Here is my WOD:

3 Rounds:
250m Row
20 Weighted Step-ups 10lbs, 20" box
10 Hollow Rocks 2 count

Time-didn't time just wanted to complete

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