Nov 29, 2009


Today has been a good day for me. I went to bed early last night so had plenty of energy this morning to go to the gym. Colin didn't plan this week out yet so I made sure it was fine if I did the OPT WOD today because every chance I get I want to work my lungs. Well I definitely lost them so hopefully Colin will give me a good metcon once or twice a week. After the gym my next big event was church. The pastor had an awesome message today. I was so glued into what he was saying I don't know if I even blinked or took a breath. Church always rejuvenates me for the tear down that I receive during the week.

Here is my WOD:

Power Snatch 65lbs


I am a bit disappointed with this time. I wanted to break 6 minutes but my lungs have lost some of their power because I've been doing nothing but strength and form work which is good but a bummer because my lungs were the hardest thing for me to work up as an athlete. I will be back though. I looked at the comments and I still beat all the females closest one was about 20sec behind but it wasn't my goal. Did the burpees unbroken and only broke 12 and 9 on the snatch so not to bad.