Nov 24, 2009

23/42; 4/52

Another rest day. I guess I'll have to get used to these because I'm sure I'm going to be taking a lot once I start treatments. I'm already getting tired of veges all the time. I used to eat nothing but fruit about 5 months ago because I love it, and now having to cut it out is such a bummer. At least before I had a cheat day once or twice a week to look forward to. Now I got another 48 days. I know though even if I had the opportunity to shove that doughnut, reese's pieces, pizza, or some other type of cancer feeding frenzy down my throat I wouldn't do it because I'm not going to give them the satisfaction of staying alive in me. Yuck! I watched a video on NOVA of different stages of cancer and what the melanoma tumors look like. Talk about wanting to literally rip something out of your body because it's gross. Reminds me of some weird bug you've never seen before that lands on you, your first reaction is "ewwww" and you instantly get it off. That's what this thing looks like and how I feel but I can't do anything about it but try to kill it with food and supplements. I get so mad every time I think about it. Here I'll post the link. Mine starts at video 1 and goes down to video 6. I'm also going to post about Robbs' article today. He told me about this but I figured it was only a matter of time before he wrote about it.

When I checked this morning he had 29 comments.....he now has 229 and it's only been a day. Personally, Robb changed my life and has the education to back him up. I would never doubt his judgement when it comes to nutrition. He's no idiot and I hope he sets his own nutrition program up because it will be awesome and it might actually be accredited:)

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