Nov 20, 2009

Another Day

I hate this up and down emotions I keep getting. This is so stressful and taxing on me. I wish I could just convince myself I'm fine so my body is extremely healthy to fight this cancer off hard. I decided to up my fish oil to 12.5 grams/day and vitamin C up to 2500mg/day. I'm leaving Vitamin D where it is because this I have already played with and 5,000IU/day is enough for me. This is what I have on hand right now that I can change. I'm still looking into other stuff and will hopefully be stocked come Wed to really hit it hard. I put on order a supplement of medium chain triglycerides to help with my fat intake. These don't take as long to absorb as long chain and they absorb differently too. They will give me energy I need especially if I start to have some digestive problems. I'm truly scared of what will happen but like they say "It's either you or them". I will put every last effort I have to make sure it's not me. On to my favorite part of the day my WOD:

Max rounds in 20 min:
5 Squats
10 Push-ups
15 Pull-ups


I wished I could of gotten 2 more but my hands were starting to get tore up from all the pull-ups so I started just doing singles. It wasted a ton of time but it saved my hands from looking like hamburger meat. Plus, it's the most pull-ups I've ever done in a WOD. For those of you that didn't notice it's Cindy with the squats and pull-ups reversed because of my leg.......and guess's genius. It's way harder and you still get an awesome workout from it.
Work had a Thanksgiving potluck tonight. It was very nice to have a big family dinner. It was much needed. Even though my roommate and I showed up late thanks to him there was still a lot of good food and desserts (to bad I couldn't have any).

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