Nov 28, 2009

27/42; 8/52

There's Huff and Jaala:)
Here is a good video of Blair. I worked out with Blair a couple times leading up to the Games. He's an awesome competitor and this WOD looks brutal. Plus I love how he did the video and the song he put in it:

Well today is a rest day for me.I'm going over to a friends' house in a bit for another Thanksgiving meal with a ton of people. Hope I'm up for it. Talked with the Nautropath Doc today and he gave me a bunch of things to look up, advice, and a couple other things to change or add into what I'm doing now. He told me not to have fear because so many people are beating cancer the way we are doing today and plus it will bring your immune system down. He also said everyone is battling cancer because you are either the star in the movie or you know someone in your life that will have to deal with it. 50% chance. 1 out of 2 people will have to deal with cancer in their life. Those are crappy odds. Hmmm so what about me? This is number 3 for me, guess I better be a cat because they got 9 lives. Hehe! Hope everyone has a beautiful Saturday.

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