Nov 6, 2009


Obviously this wasn't today because I'm not supposed to be squatting this much weight but I will be soon.

I'm going to try and not blab about the article I post everyday but sometimes I just can't help it. I want to let everyone know about supplementing BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acids) into what you're already doing now. I've researched a lot of supplements and this is one of three that I take daily. I started taking them about a month before surgery (didn't know I had cancer yet) and after surgery I doubled what I was taking due to the fact I needed the help for my recovery. Four weeks out of surgery and my PT said I had "average mobility". Today, I feel great and everyone I talk to is impressed by my recovery so far. It makes you wonder why doctors don't tell their patients about this kind of stuff. Every doctor I have seen that has asked about my medication always asks "What's BCAA?", then they don't ask why or say good job. WHAT IS GOING ON IN THE MEDICAL WORLD?! Anyways, I break up what I take but definitely try to take half before I WOD because it decreases muscle protein breakdown. I'm on about 6g/day because with how much protein I consume from meat,poultry, and eggs I'm receiving more than the "average".

On to my WOD:

8 rounds:

Walk 30sec
Run 30sec (metronome at 91)
10 Handstand negatives (as slow as possible to the floor)

I was a bit sore from the DL yesterday and Colin figured I would be so he programmed an active recovery day for me. Good thinking. It was still interesting because this was my first time running again in 6 weeks. It feels weird with my muscle in a new place but didn't hurt so that's a good sign. My mobility is still a bit restricted so mostly focused on POSE technique today. My leg is causing me to run like this anyways because heel striking(BAD!) causes to much force on the ligament where my muscle is attached to now.

Again I woke up today and felt like a zombie. It's friday so was in good spirits. Work let me off around 1 and I came home and busted my a@s in my house to start putting all my stuff away(received all my household goods this week). Got to a good stopping point around 5 and decided to go workout. I'll get some good sleep tonight:)

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