Nov 8, 2009


I've always seen pictures like this and have actually seen people do this but in almost 2 years I have never had my own hands look like this............that is until today.

Robb talked about this yesterday and I think it's an awesome piece of info for everyone.

Here is my WOD:

7 Rounds:

10 Kettlebell Swings 1pd
10 pull-ups

ear must show in front of arm for kbs
chin must break vertical plane of bar for every pull-up

Time- 9:14

I looked at this WOD for a bit today. I kept thinking, man this looks to easy. I knew it was going to hurt in some shape, way, or form. I wanted to use a 1.5pd KB, but considering today is my first day swinging a bell again and using my hips I decided to take it easy. It still kicked my butt though. I didn't pay attention to detail on this one either. Did my first round in about 25sec or so and thought I was going to smoke it then Colin walked over and wasn't counting my pull-ups, so I asked why and he said "you got to break the plane". I said "shit" because I knew now I couldn't butterfly and had to do regular kipping pull-ups. Great! I was doing good until about round 5 and my forearms started burning like they were on fire, by 6 I ripped and was screaming in my head how much I hated and loved Colin at the same time for putting my through all of this. Finished 6 and KBS on 7 and walked around for a second to stretch my forearms and all I hear is OMG! as I drip blood on the floor I walk over to the pull-up bar and crank out the last 10 because I know how much of a pain cleaning the floor is.....would rather clean a bar.
Today is going to be a good day. I'm driving down to San Diego in a few hours to go to a lovely appointment tomorrow at Oncology. At least I get to see a few of my friends while I'm there. YAY!


  1. yea you straight fucked your hands all up haha... wow... good workout though, but goddamn your HANDS!

  2. Yah it looks worse than it actually is. I ripped one of those blisters that are under a callus. Those are the good ones. Ha!