Nov 30, 2009

29/42; 10/52

Well I got the confirmation today that I am in fact Stage 4 Melanoma. My biopsy was positive for Melanoma but guess what......the military screwed up again. They screwed up so bad that I have to go and get another biopsy done. Great, I mean I had such an awesome experience getting stabbed the last time that I want to do it again! Yay! I called my doc around 2 today since he didn't call me and I asked him what's going on. Long story short he tells me that 90% of what they took was healthy liver tissue and only 10% was abnormal. 90%! Are you kidding me?! I literally wanted to take my combat boot and shove it through a wall at this point. How much more of a ratard can you be? It's your job day in and day out to do operations like these and you mess up by 90%? Wow I don't know about everyone else but for me one of two things would happen: 1. I'D KILL SOMEONE (I work with high voltage), or 2. I'D GET FIRED! So anyways I should be in this week to get another one even though I'm still sore from the last. Oh and I definitely asked to get sent out on town. No more military.

The woman is this video is Cyndi. She is one of the females I competed with at the Games. I just wanted to show everyone how impressive this is. To see a crossfit woman that isn't like 185lbs+ lift 375 is amazing! Let alone any crossfit woman. She is my inspiration to lift more.
Another bummer thing that happened today is my leg is really bothering me I think I'm going to probably just take the rest of this week off. It's very swollen. I was trying to think what I did but I don't know because it was hurting Sunday morning before I worked out and I didn't work out Sat. Oh well on to my WOD:

A1. Snatch Deadlift 41x1; 4-6 x 5; rest 120sec b/t sets
A2. Bar Dips 30x2; 4-6 x 5; rest 120sec b/t sets(add weight if complete 6)
B1. AMRAP Knees to Elbows x 3; rest 120sec b/t sets
B2. AMRAP Push-ups x 3; rest 120sec b/t sets

A1. 95, 125, 150, 165, 185
A2. BW, 5, 10, 15, 20
B2. 26,DNF, DNF

I still had about another 15lbs on the deadlift but didn't want to push to hard with the leg. The bar dips I wished I would of done 25lbs but happy with 20. The knees to elbows I couldn't do because it hurts to lift my leg and the push-ups hurt as well by putting pressure on it. Hopefully I can make all this up next week. :) :0 :)>

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