Nov 14, 2009

Rest Day 13/42

I love rest days. I'm actually sore today all over so rest is nice. I decided to take this weekend and go all out and do some bad cheats to see how it feels. Last night I went and ate a whole small thin crust pieces (6 pieces) and then went and ate a big thing of ice cream from Baskin Robbins that had crushed Oreo, marshmallow, hot fudge and whip cream on it, today I've eaten a quesadilla and let me tell you.....I don't think I can do anymore. I feel like death right now. Like I want to just rip my stomach out and get a new one. I was doing excellent on Paleo (for those of you that don't know what Paleo is here is a video: for weeks with cheats being sushi on Friday night and some fruit here and there(I've only been eating veggies). I'm amazed at the results. Oh and no drinking either. I decided that I wanted to do some testing to see how bad the American way of eating really is, sugar, gluten, dairy, all that crap. I will NEVER GO BACK! To feel the ups and downs from the high GI carbs is dreadful, always sleepy, don't feel like doing anything, lack of performance, and just feeling disgusting in general. I can't take it anymore, I'm going back to being healthy again and feeling awesome. America, you can continue to get fat, kill yourself with food, never be an elite athlete, and just suck at life in general.

Another amazing video! It goes to show how max effort training really does benefit power output. I wish I could do this WOD unbroken....Holy Crap! OPT is doing something right.

I went to the gym today to cheer on my fellow CFV guys (Colin and Matt) as they competed in the OPT Big Dawg Challenge #2. Amazing performances by both guys. I was glad to be there. Colin won the first time and from what I've seen today he might take this one too. We will soon know. If Colin doesn't qualify for the Games this year I will be very surprised. I hope the next OPT challenge I can do. Oh yah, why weren't any of the women doing it? Geez girls, next time I better see some of you CFV women doing it!

Tomorrow I take another trip down to San Diego to get more tests done. Stopping at UCLA on the way down to sign like 40 pages of paperwork and to get some blood work done. Yay so excited for that.

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