Nov 12, 2009


Had a long day so going to try and make this short. I didn't really post anything for Veterans' Day (shame on me because I am one). It's sad because most of us, including me, just pass this day along like it's nothing. Most of us worry about our day to day lives and getting stressed out over work, kids, or even spouses. Have you ever stopped to think what a military family has to go through in times of war? Or even just deploying on a regular basis? No one really understands unless you do it. I'm coming from experience and it's very difficult. I have wanted to give my life away to someone and they couldn't accept it because of what they would have to deal with being with someone in the military. All I ask for is for you to honestly turn around and tell someone in the military, "Thank you". That's it. Shake their hand and say thanks. It means a lot and I promise you that.
Well, found a good video that was a couple years ago but still is awesome and the POSE video.....sorry Colin took it off your's awesome! I've watched it like 4 times and it's a great tool to learn as well as getting you pumped for whatever:)

Thank you to all that have served, are serving or who I have served with!

First thing, I finally got a call from the doctor.....I find out tomorrow if I qualify for the clinical trial I'm trying to get into to.....cross your fingers. If so, next week will be very busy medically but at least the ball will be rolling so should be good. I will keep you posted.
Had a long day at work, well at least felt like it. Went to WOD and wasn't really feeling it but at least had some skill and strength work today. Here it is:

A. 3 position power clean 1.1.1 x 5; 180sec rest b/t sets (high hang, hang, power)
B. Deadlift 50% previous 1RM 2 x 10sets; 45 sec rest b/t sets
C. GHD Raises 10-12 x 3sets; rest 45 sec b/t sets

A. 80,95,115,135,140,145F
B. #140 completed as rx
C. did 12 x 3 completed as rx

The cleans I decided to just go until failure. The hangs felt very strong but was loosing that hip extension on the power cleans. I think I would of gotten 145 but the bar slipped right out of my hands. It was in a hook grip too. Oh well, it hurt so I stopped. The deadlifts were not bounced. It was as explosive as possible on each one. Previous PR was 280 so used 140....felt good. Last was GHD. I love this piece of equipment for some reason. It gives you so much suck every time you get on it that it makes me have a love/hate relationship with it.


  1. Thank you Amanda for everything you sacrifice to serve our country. We love you here at CF Ventura.

  2. Thanks Katie :) It means a lot!