Nov 4, 2009


Picture on the left was 5 weeks ago. UGH! Pretty scary, I was worried it wouldn't look normal again. The picture on the right was taken yesterday. Awesome job Colonel! It's healing very well.

If you have some time please take a minute and read this article on Vitamin D. It was written by Steven Low. Steven is a former competitive gymnast who, in recent years, has been heavily involved in the gymnastics performance troupe, Gymkana. With his degree from the University of Maryland in Biochemistry, Steven has spent thousands of hours independently researching the scientific foundations of health, fitness and nutrition. Currently Steven is pursuing a doctorate of Physical Therapy which provides him with insights into practical care for common injuries. His training is varied and intense with a focus on sprinting, gymnastics and parkour. He currently resides in his home state of Maryland. I had the opportunity of meeting and talking with Steven and he is a very intelligent individual that is out there to help anyone that needs it.

My old roommate (Hi Emily! I miss you!) actually found this article and sent it to me when we found out I had Melanoma. Since then I have been taking 5,000IU/day of Vitamin D-3 (which was recommended by Robb Wolf, I will be talking about him very soon because he is an amazing help to the Crossfit community) and I feel great.

What does this mean for you? Vitamin D is very cheap compared to most pills out there on the market today (and half of what most of you take is worthless and you have no idea why your even taking them) so spend a couple dollars on something that will definitely make a difference in your life later on.

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