Nov 25, 2009

24/42; 5/52

I love the gym! Sometimes I wish I could marry it. It never argues with me, makes me feel good, lets me take all my anger out on it, pushes me to try harder, and makes the sexiest human beings alive. Who wouldn't want to! Here's a good main site video and a post from Colin's blog:

I must say I totally agree with what Colin says here (even though I didn't attend), I tried to put what happened into words and he said it perfect. Colin was at the Black Box this past weekend and witnessed all the drama that Robb posted about. It's sad to see HQ coming to this.

Here is my WOD:

A1. High Bar Back Squat 40x2; 4-6 x 4; rest 120sec b/t sets
A2. Chest to bar pull-ups 15 x 4; rest 120sec b/t sets
B1. AMRAP Double Unders x 3; rest 90sec b/t sets
B2. Kettlebell Swings 53lb ; 20 x 3; rest 90sec b/t sets
C. Hip Extensions 31x1; 10 x 4; rest 45sec b/t sets

A1. 80,95,105,115
A2. Completed
B1. 56, 37, 34
B2. Rx'd
C. Rx'd

For the back squat, it's the first day adding weight so Colin only wanted it easy to where I wasn't struggling on the up part. I said 115 and it was perfect. Any heavier and it would of been tension on the up. My Chest to bar suck for some reason. Might be because I was scared of going all out since I just had that biopsy. I don't know but definitely going to have to work on those. I'm very disappointed with my double unders. I haven't been able to focus for a few days so I guess this is ok. Kettlebell swings I wanted to do unbroken and I did and same with hip extensions.
I feel pretty good today. I've been sleeping a lot so I think it's helping a bit. Got in some of the meds I ordered and immediately took some (not a good idea before you workout felt like I was going to puke). I hope it starts to make a difference. Oh and one last thing, I want to say thanks to everyone without your high hopes and willing to put down what your doing to help me out I'd be a bum right now!
I was on my way back from the hospital yesterday and I felt like crap(no sleep) so I texted my roommie and asked if he'd bail on work for the rest of the day to go watch New Moon. He did and it was so worth it(for me). Brought my spirits up and he got out of work early so it benefited both of us. Thanks Tony!


  1. Amanda, glad you are feeling good these days! Hey, I just noticed that there is a picture of you on MY blog. LOL...It is from the sandbag run at the games. Hope you are having a great week~

  2. Having you at our gym is not only inspiring but so beneficial for us all! Keep your head up, your gonna beat this!

  3. Miller, what's up? Thanks for the comment on the deadlift. I might have been able to squeeze out 10lbs more. Leanna and I are keeping you in our prayers. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


  4. Jaala...Where have you been I miss you! Hope to see you Sat. Matt your awesome thank you so much all of you kicked butt today! you could of squeezed out 10 more lbs I could tell, you made that bar your bia. Thanks for the comment and Happy Thanksgiving to you 2 too:)