Nov 13, 2009


So Cute!

Set your goals based not on what you know you can do.
Set your goals based on what you're most passionate about.
There are capabilities you have that you don't yet know you have.
Meaningful challenges will awaken those capabilities and get them working for you.-OPT

Brilliant! If you don't live by this you are an idiot.

First thing I want to say is I love Friday the 13th. It has always been a good day for me. Got that call from the doctor and I'm qualified for the clinical trial! Yay! Now I just got to pray that I'm part of the 2/3 of people that actually get the shots and not placebo pills. I found out at work today and all I wanted to do is run around and tell everyone because I was pretty much in tears but one of our generators got tipped upside down from some idiot transporting it that didn't check his load before he left, everyone was outside cleaning up the mess. It's going to be a busy week next week, driving back down to San Diego for a ton more tests but got to do what I have to.

The first one is another video that I think I have probably watched like 10 times now. It's a video of Crossfit women. I think it's amazing and very sexy seeing women out there wanting to lift more than just a pound. I hate when I see these skinny fat women that talk about going to do yoga or pilates that weigh 95lbs and look like they don't eat. It's disgusting! I would rather see women young and old trying to clean over a 100lbs or sweating their butts off to get that new PR on Fran. Shins bleeding from doing deadlifts and walking right over to the bar to pick it up and do another rep. Men.....these are real women. Get out of the way because we are coming through to crush some egos. On that note everyone keep trying their best and always setting new goals for yourself! Next is an article on deadlifts. I really suck at deadlifting so I read a lot of articles from Westside on it because they have the best so the coach obviously knows something about it. Good read.

On to my WOD:

3 rounds:

Run 200m
Max reps chest to bar pull-ups

Rest 3 minutes b/t rounds
For Time:
2-20 Unbroken Squats
20-2 Unbroken Push-ups

Time- 9:12

On the first WOD I decided to only go for 10 pull-ups on each round because I'm tired of my hands being all ripped up so I'm letting them heal. A bit of a bummer because everyone can get better at chest to bar pull-ups. The run I wanted to do 80-85% pre surgery pace. I was running about 40sec 200m and it was pulling on my leg so we will see how sore I get from it. On the second WOD: I HATE PUSH-UPS! For me being a pretty good athlete I suck at push-ups. I don't understand why I just do. The WOD said unbroken I think I only did the single numbers unbroken. I blame this on the military. If they would require us to do full ROM on PT tests I would kill these but they don't so I'm going to suck at life with these. Just got to work on them. Squats were fine, did all unbroken and worked on slow and consistent as well as for speed.

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