Nov 11, 2009


I forgot my camera at work so couldn't upload any pictures, sorry. Here is a great article on stretching. A lot of people get their panties in a knot when it comes to stretching so hopefully this will clear things up a bit:

Today was an awesome Veterans' Day......I guess. I finally got all the main stuff in my house put away so I was pretty excited about that. My roommate and I busted our butts today doing it. We got a little more to do but there is no rush on the rest.
I woke up a bit tired today so hoping to make it up tonight. My leg feels great. Today is day 2 after the Tabata squats and I'm not sore. This is a really good sign. Here is my WOD:

1RM Shoulder Press
AMRAP- Muscle-ups
GHD Sit-ups 3x10 @ 2020; rest 60 sec b/t sets

GHD-did them all

I'm extremely happy with how I did today! On the shoulder press I was only 5 pounds off from my PR which is awesome considering I haven't done anything heavy going on 7 weeks now. I'm amazed with my muscle-ups. I did 30 MU for time only 3-4 weeks ago and it took me like 24-26min(can't quite remember) and today I got 20 in 7min with 3 missed attempts. As I got warm, I started to pick up speed doing about 3-4 a min by the end, so considering if I wouldn't of missed those 3, 23 muscle-ups in 7 min, even 20 muscle-ups, now puts me under 10min for the 30 muscle-ups for time (if I work my butt off). Very impressed! Now I got to work on stringing them together. Lastly, the GHD sit-ups, my leg felt fine on these and I was excited to get some ab work in. I'm sure I'll be sore in a few days! Hope everyone has a good evening :)

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