Nov 22, 2009


I woke up this morning and decided to do a good WOD:

Sprint Row 30sec-100%max effort
rest 2:30min x 7sets
For Total Distance


I think I was supposed to do 8 but to late now. I did 7 and I am very satisfied with the results. First time back hard on a rower with 2 feet and my butt was on fire by the end. Felt good to breath hard again.

Colin emailed me this morning to tell me he talked with Robb and they figured out a new plan for training me with everything going on. I'm interested to see what that is. Robb also emailed me and said he sat down with OPT to talk about my situation. They discussed options as far as training, nutrition, and getting some type of care outside these medical doctors that love to take their sweet time with everything(especially when it's holiday season). OPT knows a naturopath that he offered to let me talk to for a few sessions. I sat here and read his email and started to cry again for joy this time because I can't believe that no matter how competitive our community is we are all brothers and sisters. We are here to help each other until the end. I'm finally experiencing this and I hope I can one day help the lives of others as these gentlemen have for me.
On another note, I know this is probably lame but I got to stay positive and sometimes it requires you to be a little loopy and talk to yourself, HA. I was eating my breakfast this morning and I was happy as I chowed down Paleo pancakes soaked in coconut oil, eggs with coconut milk, and broccoli and I said "Cancer, your going to die."


  1. Kick the shit out of it! your attitude rules! I love this community and the support system we have... if there is anything I can do, let me know.

  2. Thanks Jay! I'm doing good for now so we will see.