Dec 17, 2009


A ton of info today so no extra article, just me blabbing. First of all I can't believe Troy was the only one that helped me out with getting my immune system up by laughter. Geez, great support guys. Thanks Troy your awesome! Next, today has been the best day I've had since I've been miserable. Nothing but a huge smile on my face for the second half of the day and a ton of energy. Work was a bit boring besides all the holiday decorating that was going on for the x-mas party we had tonight.
Got a call from my doc.....I'm approved for the trial. Thank you everyone for the prayers. I'm going down to UCLA for tests they need(Urine, Lab kit, liver enzyme, EKG). I also have to see a dermatologist before the trial as well as get another CT Scan of my chest. Yah SD missed that part. Figures huh, screwed up again. My chest is the one test I was waiting on too, it's the one with my liver and lungs, great, more waiting. I should hopefully be done testing by next week. The enzyme test takes 10 days for results so I'm going to push to get admitted the first week of Jan for this because I'm supposed to be flying to Ohio the following week for a cert at Westside. One more thing about the trial, a bad side effect they didn't tell me about but it was in my paperwork. I asked why do I need to see a derm and the answer was "one of the possible side effects is squamous cell carcinoma" For those of you that don't know it's another type of deadly skin cancer. Not as extreme but still bad. I wasn't happy about this of course but what options do I have. Just got to be extremely careful now with everything in life.
On to the gym. I decided to to Diane today. I wanted to use bands on the HSPU instead of an abmat because I wanted to get the full depth so I set up my bar and the bands. I decided to give one more go at my always failed attempts at an rx'd HSPU. Guess what?! Oh yes ladies and gentlemen I did one. I was amazed! 1yr and 10 months of doing CF and I finally got my first HSPU. It's over ladies. I'm officially a force to not mess with. Not only did I get one but I got 24 before I had to start kipping to get out of it. Now it took me forever and technically it still wasn't rx'd because I kipped on the rest of the 21 but I did them.....ALL. The deadlifts felt like cake, cranked them out with no stops. All the time was spent on the HSPU and I'm proud of it. First time I did 30MU for time it took me 24min and I could probably more than half that now. Anyways:

50 squats (not fast but continuous)
Deadlift 150lbs
Handstand Push-ups


BW-136.6 w/pj's

Last thing, we had an x-mas party at work tonight and Santa came for the kids. It was so cute and great to see all the smiling faces. Then I came home and turned the TV on and what's on....oh yes.....Pinks All Out! For those of you that know me really well this is my favorite show and this was the best one I've seen so far. Not only did they have the normal two lanes they had 4 strips and they were running all 4! Then they picked 64 cars too. Oh it was sick. I needed a day like today, thank you Lord. Got to sleep now:)

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  1. Congrats on getting accepted! It was awesome watching you tackle those HSPUs! Keep it up!