Dec 23, 2009


I'm not going to post an article today because I don't feel like it. Sorry. Actually I don't want to take the time to search for one because I was SO busy today and I'm finally sitting down to write my blog and it's 9:30. I'm really excited about x-mas eve tomorrow. My mom sent me gifts that she wrapped and it brought happy tears to my eyes. To open a gift is AWESOME! Thanks mom:)
I went to UCLA and was there all day. I got my CT scan done this morning and seen the dermatologist in the afternoon. I got a ton of questions answered so things are looking good so far, well besides the cancer spreading. The derm said they got my blood work back and they are wanting to get me into the trial quick because my blood count is up which means it's spreading. Good thing I already knew that from the results of the last test I got.
On to my WOD:

60 Box Jumps 20"
75 Power Snatches 55lbs


I was going to do a max deadlift before this WOD but the gym was doing dodgeball today and you definitely can't do a workout when the adults come out and play like we do so did a quick WOD and got out of the way. Of course I always want to go faster, I wanted sub 5 but still very happy with this time. The box jumps I just did the best I could with them. I signed up for a spectator spot at the sectionals....I'm so excited to go cheer everyone on. On to tomorrow!



  1. Merry XMAS Amanda! Glad you will be at sectionals, although I wish you were competing with us!

  2. Oh Matt, don't think I'm missing out on the opportunity of a lifetime! I might suck because of everything I'm going through but if I ain't laying on my death bed I will. It's to much fun to pass up. I don't have to compete at sectionals, I get a free pass because I competed last year, so make regionals sucker so I will be competing with all of you:)

  3. Yeah I am retarded... I knew that! I can't wait! See you in the morning!