Dec 26, 2009


Well I realized the other day my diet will have to be stretched a bit further than my expected goal. The trial is requiring me to not eat certain things for the week prior to starting until day 26. That's about an extra 20 days or so that I will have to wait until I can eat my delicious chocolate ice cream with reese peanut butter cups. Sounds so good. I will wait patiently.

This video is genius! I can't wait to go to this cert. I'm going to learn sooooooo much. I wanted to post the whole video but since members pay to view the CFJournal I don't think by law I'm allowed to. Sorry!
Another thing I found out today......I actually did better in the Games than expected. I knew my time had gotten written down wrong but they told us we weren't allowed to second guess our judge their word was God so I left it as is. My time accidently got swapped with another girl in my heat on the third event. Now it only brings me up 2 spots but it also knocks her down 2 spots and brings 2 other women up. I think they did it on event 4 as well so I will wait to see, if this is the case, guess what people.....I got cut when I wasn't supposed to which means I had a possibility to move up over 20 spots because I was going to kick the crap out of that last WOD on day 1. I will keep you updated.
I didn't workout today because the gym is still closed but I will be in tomorrow oh and my leg didn't swell. It's definitely sore but not big and fat. This is good news for once:)


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