Dec 15, 2009

Another Rest Day!

Made it down to SD fine and wanted to get my blog done early because it will be late and I will be sleepy by the time I get back from the hospital. Last appt is at 9:00pm. I went and talked to my doc about the lump being back in my leg and guess what he said: "It's looks like Melanoma". Why did that statement not surprise or upset me? Probably because I hear it all the time and I don't care anymore because I will beat it whether it wants me to or not. If it's still spreading I will just have to change what I'm doing now. There are other things that I can do (tweaking the diet again, other supplements, different approaches on life, etc...) to try and make it stop. I am not scared to tangle with the devil on this one, he messed with the wrong chica.

That's right guys......Sage has started a blog and she is going to talk about nothing but oly lifting. If you want to learn about it she is definitely a great person to learn from. Stay tuned for the info.
Well finally talked with Colin and he wants me to start posting some extra things on my blog so you can just ignore's for him. I told him to expand out our current 6 weeks to 8 weeks until we get results and some more info, before we focus on something else. I got to set some goals out as well for what to train on so we can start the next 6 weeks. Well off to relax for a couple minutes.

BW-136.2 (with pj's on)


  1. Thats shitty news Amanda! I'm sorry! I know I don't have to tell ya but keep your head up.. see you soon!