Dec 28, 2009


I don't think anything to eventful happened today, let me think............oh, talked to my doc at UCLA. Got a lot of useless info as of this point in time so won't waste your time but my CT of my chest results were back. Lungs still got nodules but they are still to small to measure (good news), it didn't spread anywhere else (also good news), and I guess the top of my liver showed up as well and he said there was one lesion there about 9mm (still small and again good news). People this is awesome! Thank you Robb I know the diet is helping and all the homeopathy crap I'm taking as well(thanks DAD!). Without those I think I would be pretty bad off right now. I'm still trying out new stuff because there is so much stuff that my father and I are finding and it seems the more we look, the better stuff we find so we keep trying the new stuff. Oh just so everyone knows this stuff is not harmful to the body it's all natural things and whatever your body doesn't need it just rids of. Oh and how can I forget the love of my life, God. All the prayers for me (thank you), he has been answering them, just a little. Now if it would just progress the other way, GONE! Ok I'm blabbing.

Colin posted this video today and it was so ridiculous I had to as well. Really? A sub 3:00 C2B Fran. I'm still trying to break 3 on regular Fran. Crap. Granted there were some pull-ups I wouldn't of counted but even if he had to redo them he still would of broke 3. I love CF! Oh, Katie, one of the girls in my gym made her soon to be mother-in-law (congrats guys!) a CF shirt for Christmas that said "I'd rather clean a bar then clean the house" genius. I always love new slogans:) My WOD:


5 Rounds:
12 Deadlift 105lbs
9 Hang power cleans
6 Push Jerks

Time- 10:53

This workout hurts sooooooooooo bad and weight is starting to feel real heavy to me now. I didn't pr on this, not even close but still kicked the crap out of it. I'm happy with this time for what's going on. Well Colin and I finally decided on how to plan out my cycles from now on. I'll talk about it tomorrow because I'm getting a bit long. Stay tuned superstars!

BW- 138.2 (oh yes gaining, good news)

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