Dec 14, 2009

Rest Day

Well I start my new cycle of training today but Colin hasn't emailed me back so hopefully everything is ok. I'm excited for him, he's always so careful with things which is a good thing but he's going to take the leap and to try and qualify for the Games next year. I'm happy because we will have at least one of every type of athlete going to Regionals to compete for those spots. Hopefully we have more than just one....would like to see at least 10.

Found a good blog. Read up people, get your knowledge on. Well I had a rest day today because I had to finish my brakes. I ended up having to take them to the dealer to get turned, wasn't happy about that and then had to borrow a torque wrench because my spindle nut needed 295 ft lb. Crap! Well I'll quit boring you with my brake talk just got a bit aggravated with it. I'm off to SD bright and early tomorrow to get my scans done. Hopefully this is the beginning of a good news streak and not a continuation of the bad but regardless of what the outcome is I know there is a reason behind it so it's fine:)

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