Dec 13, 2009

42/42; 23/52

I want to make this short because I'm running behind today. My 1hr brake job turned into 3 1/2 and still not done. Going to have to finish it tomorrow before my trip down to SD. Work is going to just have to give me a break on this one. I officially hate Ford at this moment. They decided to put a one time use spindle nut on the rotor and you don't realize it until you take it off and no one around of course carries it but Pep Boys and then they only have one. I got to drive to the other one tomorrow and hopefully get my rotor's turned too because the other place was to much of an idiot to remove a snap ring to take the bearings out to do it. Or Just to lazy which wouldn't surprise me either. Enough about my wrench head talk. Had a great service today at church, learned a lot more than I usually do which was very interesting. Now my WOD:

Pull-up Ladder (1 pull-up first minute, 2 pull-ups second minute, etc....)(chin must break vertical plane)
rest 3 minutes
Maintaining push-ups on the minute for 10 minutes

11 pull-ups
rx'd push-ups

*Foul- if you fail to maintain push-ups for 10 minutes, stop and complete a total of 5 minutes of handstand holds against the wall, stopping the clock when you come off the wall to rest)

This was tricky for me. I know I really suck at push-ups so I didn't want to do like 20 and then fail every minute trying to maintain 20 push-ups every minute to 10. I gamed it and did 11. I wished I would of went to 13. I think that would of been perfect. By round 10 I was about 45sec in before I finished so I think 13 would of been close but I have been doing push-ups more than I normally do so hopefully I will get better and can shoot for 20. Great WOD, thanks Colin!

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