Dec 8, 2009

Just Thinking

I was thinking yesterday and today and just wanted to say a few things. It's the end of the year everyone is enjoying family, friends, egg nog, and delicious christmas cookies. I wish I could enjoy those things. It's things that only happen this time of year, bummer. I hope no one takes advantage of the holidays. To have people you love and that love you are a blessing, oh and my mom's christmas cookies are the best. We used to make them growing up. I miss those days sometimes.
I wanted to take a minute and look back on my year of 2009. I realized it has been the best, most accomplished, and worst year for me. I don't remember what my New Year resolutions were but I can only imagine that they weren't any of the bad stuff. I have:

-Went through the hardest enlisted military school there is and graduated to become one of 38 in my job today
-Have completed more college (31 semester hours) in 4 months than any civilian ever has
-Had to deal with the most drama at work this year (crazy army wives, someone telling me the want to hurt themselves)
-Quit drinking
-Competed in the 2009 CF Games
-Lost 12lbs which put me at 17% BF
-got in the best shape of my life
-ate better than 99.9% of the world
-got arrested for drunk in public
-broke into my apartment by throwing a grill through my window (from one above)
-Met the love of my life that I can't ever be with because he's an idiot (no offense Rudy)
-became a very knowledgeable trainer and have helped many
-found the best people at my new awesome CF gym
-got diagnosed with Stage 3 Melanoma which required loss of tissue and 16 lymph nodes in my right groin, no feeling left, and my Sartorius muscle moved to a different location. Was considered disease free after this
-my grandfather passed away
-my cousin got out of jail( I love you Shauna)
-my other cousin put in jail and on trial for murder
-my brother turned 21 and is official to gamble his heart away
-voluntered helping numerous families with entertainment for their kids
-diagnosed with Stage 4 Melanoma (going to beat this too)
-got my first Muscle-up, 175lb clean, 150lb snatch, 43 pull-ups, 12.1sec 100m sprint, 3:14 Fran(no butt ball), did Elizabeth rx'd for first time, 160lb thruster, 205 front squat, 18:56 Filthy 50, 87 unbroken double unders, and tired of typing here

I must say this has been an amazing and upsetting year for me. I don't think there are to many people that can top this. I know God is setting me up for something incredible. To go through this much there is a plan waiting for me. I can't wait to figure it out. I really hope everyone enjoys this holiday season to the best of their ability because you deserve it. All anyone needs is love. :)

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