Dec 10, 2009

39/42; 20/52

I just realized I'm at the end of my first 6 weeks of programming. To bad I wasn't healthy because we'd be moving on to something else but being in the condition of what's going on that's not going to happen. I was so excited to see the 2010 Games site come out today. They are offering $25,000 to first place this year. I knew it. Man I wish I was better to compete that is a nice chunk of change to have. They are only taking 4 people from my region this year and considering I can think of about 6 females in this region that competed in the Games last's going to be a blood bath for those spots especially when there are going to be 80 new people fed in from the 4 sectionals. I'm jealous.
Anyways, today is a rest day for me so decided to post early and be short since I've wrote a lot the past few days. I got message from someone on Facebook today that said "Nice scar, karma is a b%@ch." I didn't recognize the person and I don't really care. I thought about it and I must say I wasn't the best person growing into who I am today but have been forgiven and have left my past behind when I decided to ask God to be in my life. I basically messaged her back and told her the same thing and apologized for hurting her. Then told her happy holidays. Maybe killing with kindness will help but I have a feeling it will just make her more immature. Sad to see people out there like that. I figured this would happen once I became public about my situation but it's more about helping others now and being inspiration to everyone that they can do better than just "average" or "ok". Have a good day everyone:)

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