Dec 27, 2009


Well another long weekend down. I wish it could be longer because I get so worn down going to work. I started thinking about this whole cancer thing and I've gotten to the point where I almost wish I could stay home and not work. I guess everyone wants that huh? Ha! I've been thinking about going home and being with family and what I could do there if I got out. I don't know just talking I guess. I get so tired of the military sometimes but I also don't know what I'd do without it.
I finally talked to one of my girlfriends, Christy today. It was so relieving and made me feel happy. Christy has become one of my really good friends and I had to reassure her of this because she has been hesitant to talk with me with everything going on. Christy, I hope you keep rocking in school, don't loose focus and I love you with a huge piece of my heart:)

I guess they didn't screw up my time on the 4th WOD from the Games so the final outcome isn't that big of a deal so I just emailed HQ to give them a heads up.
Ok, I'm getting long sorry. Just wanted to say that church was awesome as always. The pastor always reassures me that the Lord is here and keeps me heading in the right direction.

1 Mile Run

Time- 7:10

This was 42 seconds behind my pr. I knew I wouldn't hit it but was shooting for right under 7 minutes. I disappointed myself again but of course there are always excuses I can throw in. For one, it was to cold for me to run and the wind blew me around a bit. Also, my leg was still really sore. I should of took one more rest day. I ended up hurting myself a bit. I thought my leg was fine on the run but once I got up from stretching I realized the feeling I was feeling when I was running wasn't the lactic acid it was my leg telling my to slow down or even stop. So needless to say it's swollen a little bit and sore of course. I want to do this again around March when it's a bit warmer I think I will do quite well.


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