Dec 20, 2009


Well I didn't go to bed until about midnight last night so decided to not set my alarm for the gym and wake up when I wake up because I know I need the sleep. I finally rolled out of bed around 9 which was to late for the gym and got up and got ready and had to do laundry and iron before church but was still tired. I didn't go to church either and felt so guilty but I needed to relax had no energy. Well not a lot to pass today besides:

Both good of course. Oh Rip is a genius so you can never go wrong and the second one is the finally paleo brands site. This is going to be a good thing to check up on people. I'm just glad it's up. I hope everyone had a good weekend, well rested too. This week is Christmas and I'm so excited. Oh and Troy, finally watched Kat Williams.....hilarious! Thank you!


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