Dec 9, 2009

38/42; 19/52

I woke up today.......SORE! My whole upper body is definitely in recovery mode, working on repairing those muscles that I tore the crap out of the last 2 days. It figures I would have another WOD today that requires your upper body to work too. No worries though I really enjoy it.
7 more days and I'm halfway through my delicious veggies for breakfast diet. I can't wait! I'm excited to see what these scans say and so is Robb. A bit nervous too though because if nothing is working I don't think I want to hear anymore bad news. I'm still feeling good though so that should stand for something.

Both of these are good! Read and watch. The first is informational and is basically how I'm eating but I am eating carbs. This will lay it out so I don't have to have suuuuupppppper long posts everyday. Everyone would be bored then. The second thing is a video that Sage B. had posted on her Facebook and it was hilarious so had to post it so everyone could laugh too. Got to love us redheads, we sure are a bit crazy hehe.
On to my WOD:

Max double unders in 10 minutes


This was really hard. My arms were so sore as is and to have them tense the whole time for this was ridiculous. I even shortened my rope so I didn't have to spin as much weight. I'd like to try this fresh once to see how I do but all in all was satisfied with this number.
Oh yah, I'll try to make this quick because I'm getting to be long. I want everyone to understand that even though the military screwed up, my doctor and case manager are taking excellent care of me. My doctor called me at 8pm tonight and was still at work working on my case because he's leaving for a few days and wants to make sure my case manager can handle things while he's gone. My case manager spent 4 hrs working my case today. I'm not there only patient trust me. They have a ton. They are doing everything they possibly can to make this as speedy, painless, and correctly done as it can be. I want to reiterate..... Melanoma has NO CURE! I'm not just another patient that has a typical cancer that they can just hook me up with chemo and radiation and I'll be all better. If that was the case I would of started that 2 months ago. This is serious and we are doing everything we can to make sure we are taking out the extra time that is being wasted. This has to be done right or I will miss my chance. I just hope everyone knows that I'm not mad at what has happened and I'm not pointing fingers at anyone. I'm looking at the future because there is no point on focusing on what did happen or what could have been because it didn't happen that way. It happened the way it did for a reason and I have no worries.

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  1. I think you're amazing, Amanda! Your positive attitude and spirit are inspiring.