Dec 8, 2009

37/42; 18/52

Ok another update. Talked with the UCLA doc again and they will need scans again so I got to get ahold of my Oncologist at San Diego again and I will be down there next week. No exceptions. I'll probably be taking 3 days off work or so for the biopsy, MRI, and CT scans but hopefully I'll know more tomorrow. The swelling in my leg looks gone so that's awesome but I've been noticing my scar is starting to look a bit odd where that knot was in my leg and it's been itching. I'm going to tell the doc about that too because compared to the rest of the scar it feels like the knot is back but pretty sure it's just scar tissue.
My picture made it on to the Crossfit Journal article that came out today. Pretty excited, I look all dirty, HA! Also, been getting some good feedback on the blog and I appreciate it. Glad I can keep everyone updated as well as make you smarter. I love helping people. I got an email from a guy that I talk to on Facebook today while I was driving to the gym(yes I'm a texter and drive). We've had some good conversations and I just want to write what motivational speech he sent to me because I was all teared up before I could finish(he read my blog today):

"Anyway, I know you already know this, but I just want to tell you that YOU WILL BEAT the Stage 4 Melanoma. Keep up the good work. You know that is not going to be you need to fight harder, and when you'll find yourself in a weak and sad moment, remind yourself how strong you are and how many ppl are cheering for you!"

Thank you Cristiano you truly touched me with that and I wish you the best:)

K post is getting long so let me wrap up with my WOD:

"DB C2B Lynne"
5 rounds:
Max Reps DB Bench Press (I choose weight)
Max Reps C2B Pull-ups
Rest 5min b/t rounds

#25 DB

This was hard! I enjoyed it though as always. I really wanted to get the most I could out of the bench press because this is weaker for me than pull-ups. I went as hard as I could and picked #25 because it's not to heavy and not to light. The chest to bar focus was getting my butterfly back. For some reason I've been having an extremely difficult time getting this back but of course I nailed it on the last round but was spent by this time. I've been doing enough C2B that I shouldn't loose it again.


  1. Awesome pic Amanda! CrossFit chicks are hot!

  2. Thanks Matt I like it too and agreed about Crossfit women! Makes you wonder why everyone doesn't do it. Man they are missing out, glad we all have found it!