Dec 24, 2009


I wanted to upload this because it's disgusting looking and I got to keep everyone interested you know. This has grown in only 2 weeks. Man I really hope this medication works or I'm going to have a massive lump in my leg. Yuck!
Merry Christmas Eve! I don't want to write to much because I know there is a lot to read on my blog so I just want to talk about my WOD today.

40 Wall ball 14lb
"12 Days of Crossfit"
100m run
3 Thrusters
4 Pull-ups
5 Burpees
6 Box Jumps
7 Push-ups
9 Wall ball
10 Sit-ups
11 Jumping Squats
12 Double Unders


The way this WOD worked was just like the song i.e, 100m run, 2 SDLHP, 100m run, 3 Thrusters, 2 SDLHP, 100m run, 4 Pull-ups, 3 Thrusters, 2 SDLHP etc.... So my original workout for today was going to be 30 Muscle-ups for time that's why I did the wall ball in the beginning but when I started I just couldn't warm-up. It was so cold today and if you ain't warm for MU you can't do them so I stopped and decided to do the gym WOD today and it was so much fun. The weight was 65lbs for sumos and thrusters, 14lb for WB. I used a PVC and a 6lb (because I did 40 WB like 30min before) My leg is going to hate me but I figured since the gym was closed down for the next 2 days and I don't have to work, I can just baby it. Time to get this volume put in for my leg. I'm sure Colin won't be to happy but let's just wait to see how my leg reacts to it. Everything else was rx'd.



  1. Yeah, I want to see the meds beat the piss out of that cancer. It's their job to kill it, and it's your job to keep your healthy tissue healthy during the trial. Any word on what type of med it is? I'm curious what the latest and greatest is.

  2. Yah if you want to say it's the latest and greatest. I just pray it works. It's still in testing I doubt you can find any info on it but this is the name of it: RO5185426. I miss you chica, I hope your well