Dec 4, 2009

33/42; 14/52

Well called UCLA today and got an appointment scheduled for Thursday. Hopefully there is good news. I got 50% that I'll have the protein they are looking for, then 66% chance that I'll get put on the drug, and then finally a 70% chance I will respond to it. You know what I don't get? How inhumane clinical trials are. It's like well you don't qualify so, sorry there is nothing we can do oh but by the way you still need to take this placebo pill and let us monitor you and see what your outcome will be without any help. Oh man that would be horrible to hear. Hopefully my plan is staying here and still making change in others by touching their life in some way. If not, well then that's not the plan set out for me. Anyways, leg is still swollen. Starting to wonder if I have lymphedema. Great just another thing to add to the list.

On to my WOD:

Power Snatch 3,3,3,1,1,1 rest 180sec b/t sets
Dip Squat 5,5,5,5 rest 180sec b/t sets
3 Rounds:
15 GHD Sit-ups @ 2020; rest 60sec
15 Back Ext @ 2020; rest 60 sec (use 10-20lb DB)

Rx'd w/15lb DB

The snatches actually felt strong today but I felt it pulling on my leg at 115 so I just stopped. I probably have one of the lowest starting positions for the snatch so my legs really take it on this one. The dip squats were great. My focus was straight torso the whole time and I was popping it a bit at the top. This was more painful to my bones then it actually was hard but I enjoyed it. Last was GHD and back ext. Figured 15lb DB was good and man was it. My back and butt were on fire! Satisfied with another day at CFV. Thanks Colin:)

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