Dec 2, 2009

31/42; 12/52

I've been talking with Robb Wolf a lot and he wants me to start sending him a food log everyday so he knows if something is wrong or things aren't working out right he can tweak what I'm eating. I started yesterday and he said I'm doing good so far. I'm going to be testing the ketones in my body and letting him no that as well. The reason I bring this up is because it's a great thing to do. I have never done a food log before'm lazy I guess. HA! No I'm not I just never seen a reason for it until, I started. I kept telling myself I was going to give into the temptations of the strawberry cake I made for the guys at work tonight, the grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup (classic), or even cheesy garlic bread dipped in the best sauce ever. Now that I don't have the option to cheat at all, I want it all but Robb (even though he doesn't know it) saved my life again. The last thing you want to write down in your log after the whole day was awesome is: HUGE slice of strawberry cake with vanilla frosting. On top of just looking at it yourself saying "Man I'm such an idiot and my stomach hurts" now I got Robb yelling at me as well telling me yah you are an idiot and your killing yourself too. HeHe I made all of you hungry now huh? Anyways, if you haven't tried a food log, try it, even for a week. It will help you stay on the yellow brick road:)

I got this video off a friends' site and it's excellent! I know a lot of crossfit folks struggle with rope climbs. This video will help I promise. I watched it and now I want to climb a 50ft rope just to see if I can.
Last thing, took one more rest day. Leg is still swollen but I will be back in the gym tomorrow to finish the week off strong. I will be calling UCLA tomorrow too to talk to my doc to make sure he got the sample from Walter Reed and when I should be making an appointment to go in. Again, let's pray that I get into this one. My Oncologist in San Diego said 70% of patients are responding to the drug they are giving them. That's the best odds my docs have seen for Melanoma (and me too from reading A LOT).

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