Dec 16, 2009

Half Way!

I was on my way home today and had to stop about 45minutes from reaching home to go to the bathroom. I decided to get gas as well. As I was pumping I looked over and seen this from a far. What caught my eye was the word hardcore. I thought it was a tattoo shop at first. I sat and tried to make out the second word and it said pilates. I couldn't help but laugh and had to take the pic to show all of you. Hardcore Pilates......Is that even possible? I would like to see one of those "hardcore pilates women" come to my gym and clean even 95lbs or even do a couple pull-ups and then I'll call them hardcore. It was a nice chuckle for the end of the drive.
Well today is the halfway mark through my goal on the veggie for breakfast diet. I'll tell you what, I hope it's helping because I feel like I'm starting to drag. I need more carbs. I'm to tired, dragging all day, I feel miserable all the time, and my recovery from WODs are horrible oh and it sucks! I decided to reward my halfway point with a 1/4 of a Paleo treat. That's it. I knew I couldn't eat anymore than that. It was so good but really sweet too.

Robb brought up a good point about stimulating my immune system. Laughter. I know this is true but he wants me to focus on it more. I need help. Take a minute and list some movies, stand-up comedians, TV shows that will make you laugh until you pee. I'm going to make this another goal of mine. Watching as many things as I can to make me laugh. Robb also talked to another Naturopath doc and he said we are nailed with what we are doing as well as impressed. It's got to be helping! Also talked with Colin today and the next 2 weeks are going to be nothing but benchmark WODs (that I'm able to do of course) so we can see where I'm at. On to that:

Double Unders
Abmat Sit-ups


Max reps dead hang pull-ups (straight legs whole time)

Time-5:10 pr

I was happy with the pr but I know I can break 5 minutes on this. I had some issues with the rope in the start of it (hitting other people as well as equipment) before I finally turned a different direction and they do there abmat sit-ups different from what I do so it took until 30 reps to get into my speed of it. I have found that both ways are difficult and work different muscles. I will be implementing both in my WODs from now on! The pull-ups, I was shooting for 10 and I could of got it with bending of my legs but I wanted to on 8 and real bad on 9 so I stopped there.



  1. kat williams. kinda tacky/offensive. but he always makes me blow snot.

  2. Thanks Troy! I will definitely check it out.