Dec 22, 2009


Oh man, 20 days left and I'm eating an ice cream. I know I'm not supposed to for a very long time but this will be a goal to me and I deserve a cheat after 52 days of hell I'm going through. I hate being tired all the time. It gets old quick. I just want to be normal again. For those of you that know me know that I don't have patience for these kinds of things.

Well I got some news today and overall seemed like good news. Now take with a grain of salt because I was talking to my nurse and not the Doc so I think there might be errors but whatever. My MRI of my brain, same as before. The CT scan of abdomen and pelvis came back and it didn't spread to any of my digestive system, kidneys, or pancreas. This is great news! The only bad news is the big tumor in my liver that was 2.8cm is now 3.8cm, that's about 1 3/4" big. She also said I have more new lesions in my liver (this is what I don't believe) and my leg she couldn't really say if it was Melanoma but it def looks like's huge. So I didn't stop it completely but I slowed it down.....A LOT! That's better than nothing because at the rate things were going I would of been dead in about 3-4 months. Just keep praying everyone I will get through this. I'm getting admitted first week of Jan to start my trial so got less than 2 weeks right now.
Last thing, I was tired again so came home and took a nap, set my alarm to go workout but I needed more so I slept longer. I didn't go but I thought about it and this works out for the better because the gym is closed Fri so I can go tomorrow and Thurs then rest days.


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