Dec 19, 2009


No post yesterday was to busy and tired. Went to UCLA and got tests, took a nap, then went to my roommates' x-mas party. No WOD.

This is crazy! Casey Burgener with 484lb C&J! No big deal, I can do that with my pinky. Today was another busy day but fun and relaxing. Not a lot to say. I did however finally finish my profile last night for I got 9 people interested today and I only picked one to follow up with. He seems interesting and fun. We are meeting up tomorrow. Anyways, on to my WOD:

3 x 5 Front Squats
30 Clean and Jerks 95lbs

Time: 2:56

My legs were still sore from the 50 squats I did but I got to start establishing my legs or they will never get back to where they were so it's my goal to do some type of squatting 3 times a week as long as my leg is fine. If not well then I'll stop. The front squats felt strong today and wanted to go heavier but figured this was good enough. It's about 57% of previous 1RM. For Grace I was disappointed of course but Colin always reminds me that I'm not 100% so I can't expect 100%. My previous pr was this same time but with 100lbs. 95 actually felt heavy but I can throw it around fine and I haven't done any consistent let alone any serious metcon in 3 months so I'll take a sub 3. Great meeting tonight at the gym....glad things are changing the way they are. It's going to really help improve everything. Many people aren't happy but no one is with change and once it's established it will just be another normal thing in your life. I promise to everyone that once this gets up and running that you will see better improvements with your performance but a lot faster. Now I really don't ever want to have to leave:)


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