Dec 29, 2009


Oh rest days. I love them. My traps are really sore today so it's definitely needed. I hope everyone had a good day, mine was busy today. I'm going to wait one more day to talk about my programming because I got a super long email I have to send out tonight so this will be short. I did talk to my military doc today and he's going to push UCLA because they are being ridiculous, so he said I will be in some type of treatment next week. I really hope it isn't chemo but if I have to I have to.

This is so awesome! Certified through Westside, you can't get better than than. I just wanted to share this with everyone. Also didn't want to post the video because it's just double unders and those are boring to watch but Colin posted it on his gym site and there was a girl on the USA jump rope team did Rhiannon- AMRAP Double unders in 10min, yah she got 893. No big deal. She made it look so easy too and she said she could of got more if she wasn't already sore. You've got to be kidding me! I would love to see anyone even try to challenge it. Good luck. I wonder when I'm going to do something amazing like that, Geez. Oh one more thing, I want to take a second to recognize the women at CFV. You ladies are AMAZING! I've always been a strong beast and kinda fast metcon beast but you women are metcon beast! I'm so proud to get my butt kicked by you guys because it pushes me to go faster. I haven't had the opportunity of anyone to push me in about a year and I'm so happy to have that here. Jaala a 5:40 mile! Seriously! Guys can barely run that. Katie your 8:40 Helen right, amazing. I know someone has like a 1:46 500m row right?! 5:27 Annie, and everything else you women have done not to mention how great and respectful everyone is to each other. I wouldn't ask for anything else from this family. Thanks Colin, Huff, and Faith you have done an awesome job creating greatness, hopefully I inspire you to start cleaning 175lbs:)

HR-47bpm (Colin it's always this low just to let you know)


  1. I think you're amazing Amanda. I am inspired by you daily by your outlook on life and your awesomeness in the gym. We love having a kickass girl like you at CFV!

  2. Thanks Katie:) Puts a BIG smile on my face!