Dec 12, 2009

41/42; 22/52

It's amazing what sleep will do for you. I was so exhausted and sore from the week that I crashed out at about 9:30 last night and slept for 11 hrs. I woke up and felt like a rockstar. I went to the gym and crushed everything I had to do today and wanted to do more but had things to do today. Won't talk a lot the middle of the UFC fight and way to distracted to talk to myself right now! Hehe.

This is one of the guys in my gym. I don't usually post up other CF websites but this is my gym and there was an amazing feat done 2 days ago. Craig, rock on dude!

A. Hang power clean- 2,2,2,2,2 rest 180sec b/t sets (go 2.5-5lbs pr from day 11)
B. Shoulder Press 65% of 1RM 2 x 10 rest 40sec b/t sets (no whipping of hip, work on explosive on concentric)
C. GHD Raises 12-16 x 3 rest 90sec b/t sets (play with hand placement)

A.-108, 123, 133, 138, 143
B. Rx'd at 78lbs
C. Rx'd 16 reps with hands in front, behind head, both

The hang power cleans felt really strong today and wanted to go for 148 but that would of been over 5 lb pr. Last was 140 on 3 position power cleans. I used a women's bar because it slipped the last time plus I had to do the shoulder presses. I accidently started 10lbs heavier but it worked out fine. The SP started to get hard around set 9. Was really focusing on exploding so it helped. I did move my hip either. The raises were fine just played with hand placement and speed on each round. All in all good day! Ok main event is on got to go:)

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