Dec 11, 2009

40/42; 21/52

I decided I needed another rest day. It only took me until I drove to the gym, warmed up and did the first thing in my WOD to realize that. My fast twitch muscles are in pain. My arms are sore which is fine but the muscles I needed to use today was painful when I lifted so I knew it wouldn't of done my body any good to keep going. I will attempt it tomorrow.

Another good article. My appt for my scans are on Tuesday.....hopefully I get to keep it and they don't cancel it on me because I really want to know the results. As far as how I'm feeling, tired as always but no pain. I know I don't usually talk about my love life but decided I want to tonight. I've decided to start dating again. Men seem to move on so quickly. I left VA almost 2 months ago and haven't been able to date because of the guy I loved and everything I'm going through but I think I would like to spread my wings on this one. It would be nice to have someone sweet around. Rudy was dating a week after I left so 8 weeks is plenty of time. I got turned on to and I've been browsing the 2 to see which is better and then I will sign up for one. My roommate is on eharmony and a woman in my gym met her hubby on match. I have always been real against it because I don't understand why people can't just go out and meet others but.....where? The bar? No thanks. My gym? No eligible ones I'm interested in (sorry guys). I'm willing to try out something new. This whole cancer thing has really put a new perspective on things and you don't realize how much people out in the world take advantage of what they have. I don't even take one single day for granted anymore. Any moment I get with my dogs is the happiest moment in my day. You just got to live one day at a time and really appreciate what you got and what others do for you. Oh and be as happy and nice as you can because it actually causes less stress. Why snob your nose at someone for no reason? Pointless. Just say hi, thanks, or even give a hug:-)

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  1. Yay, Amanda! Go for it!!! You know I'm 100% supporter of online dating :).