Dec 8, 2009

36/42; 17/52

Sorry about the delayed post. It's hard to do when your power goes out for about 5 hours at night. I have a lot to write today so I will do 2 maybe 3 posts.,0,852160.story

This article isn't like "Oh my Gosh" but it's a little interesting. I got a great call from the doc at UCLA. Not really but was trying to get you excited for a second. I was supposed to be going down there for an appointment on Thursday about results and the trial and etc....but now it's canceled. I guess the rest of the tissue that was sent over has no more Melanoma cells in it. Do you know what that means? Yep, I got to go get another liver biopsy done. I thought I was in the clear but now I'm not and we just wasted another week for this and probabaly 2 by the time I actually get it done, results are sent and the test is done again. I originally was going to go to UCLA for this but now I think I might go back down to San Diego because I think I will have to be getting scans done again. I will find out as soon as I can about that. This is a bummer. I actually just started crying at work and I don't know why. Probably because I feel helpless in all of this. Usually when I get aggrivated with someone I will just take whatever it is they are doing and do it myself because I know it will be done quickly and correctly. On this I can't though and I think the pressure of it all just caught up with me. I told my master chief what's going on and he actually gave me a hug. It was nice considering all I work with are dudes besides one other female......kinda hard to have that girly support here.
On to my WOD from yesterday:

A1. Deadlift 5,5,5 rest 120sec b/t sets (no bouncing and only go up 5lb pr from day 18)
A2. True eccentric HSPU 6,6,6 rest 120 sec b/t sets
B1. KBS 1.5pd 15-18 x 3; rest 90sec b/t sets
B2. Anchored sit-ups 35 x 3; rest 90sec b/t sets

A1- 205, 220, 230
A2- HARD;rx'd; trainer pushed down on feet as I resisted all the way to ground
B1- 18 x 3 unbroken
B2- rx'd unbroken

230lbs felt heavy compared to the last time I pulled 225 but I figured that's from having the HSPU involved with it. I think I have finally learned how to DL. We will see once I can max out. The HSPU (thanks Colin:)) were really tough. I resisted really well on the first rep and sometimes the second, but it all went to crap after that. I tried and that's what mattered. The KBS were fine even though the combo with the sit-ups had a nice twist to it on the stomach and back. Sit-ups were easy but also been doing those forever.

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