Dec 30, 2009


Well I woke up this morning and I had turtle neck. My traps are so sore. I had to go get a massage on my upper back just to make it through the day and the massage therapist was in shock too. That's not good. She loosened it a bit but it was definitely still sore when I left. So again I took one more rest day. I figured I could go and just do a bunch of stuff with my legs but it was rainy and yucky out so wasn't very motivated.

Okay so talked to Colin today about my next 6 weeks. We are going to do a low intensity cycle focusing on strengthening my leg, strict pulling and pushing movements, and to dial in grip strength. I know it's going to drive me a bit insane because I just want to sweat and breathe hard but it will be perfect because with all the treatments and things going on it's going to have to be real flexible. Last cycle was medium-low intensity.
Don't have much else to say besides my mom got her tests results back and they still don't know what's wrong with her. It's been weeks and she just keeps getting worse. I pray they find something out.

BW 140.0

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